Graveyards, Flight Paths and Trinkets!

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With the approach of the next content patch, Blizzard thought they would share a few more new additions with us.

Trinkets: New Darkmoon cards

You will now have the chance to find additional Darkmoon cards (Lunacy, Storms, Furies and Blessings) on high level creatures in Outlands, which you can turn in to the Darkmoon Faire to make powerful new Darkmoon card trinkets.

New Graveyards

Two new graveyards have been added to Blade’s Edge Mountains.

New Flypaths
New flight points:
Felwood, Emerald Sanctuary (Both)
Ashenvale, Forest Song (Alliance)

New flight paths:


Thorium Point
Grom’gol Base Camp


Flame Crest


Gadgetzan, Astranaar, Brackenwall Village
Brackenwall Village


Ratchet, Camp Taurajo, Freewind Post


Zoram’gar Outpost


Toshley’s Station
Honor Hold



In addition, many flight paths have been adjusted to be shorter, faster flights.


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