Glynnis Talken Outraged at new US Law

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Captive Heart
Captive Heart

Glynnis Talken known for her role as voice actress of Starcraft’s Sarah Kerrigan and Diablo II released her October newsletter. As told a couple years ago, she told me as an exclusive that her new pseudonym with her new book publisher Warner Books is—Sarah McKerrigan.

Glynnis Talken (Sarah McKerrigan) will be book signing:

When: October 14-15
Where: Seaside Scottish Games in Ventura, California (Map)
At: Tea & Sympathy Booth

When: Saturday, October 21st
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Location: Barnes & Noble in Burbank, CA (Map)
(818) 558-1383
731 N San Fernando Blvd
Burbank, CA 91502
( Cross Street:Between N 1st St and E Cypress Ave)

As usual, Glynnis told me you are welcome to bring any Blizzard product be it Starcraft or Diablo to her book signing appearances, say hello or get a hug from the Queen of Blades.

Her latest book CAPTIVE HEART is on sale. A great medieval romance book writer, Glynnis brings to life a female heroine warrior fighting for her beliefs and for freedom. However, our favorite actress doesn’t simply write about heroines.  She lives as one spearheading toward her medieval book fans and gaming fans what she considers a violation to the rights of US citizens.

You heard it right!  Glynnis Talken wants you to make your voice rise in disgust to a recent approved law that grants the president authority to imprison whoever he pleases with no charges and no jury trial. That is scary!  She brings up 13th century history of how medieval kings were stripped from this absolute power by the people through the Magna Carta that gave path to the Habeas Corpus (Trial by Jury).

Please, read below what Glynnis Talken has to say about this interesting topic, and visit the links provided by her to make your voice heard by the Congress to abolish this unfair new law.

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