Gamasutra: The Future of the RTS Game

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Gamasutra published an article titled: “The Future of the Real-Time Strategy Game”. Of course, Starcraft is the most talked topic in the article throughout three out of four pages. Gamasutra explores the weaknesses and strengths of modern RTS Games, calling them more RTT (Real-Time Tactics) due to the impending and sucessive attack-waves where the outcome is destruction of the enemy quick and lethal through attrition.  Victory will go to the best tactician, not the best strategist. So what’s the future of RTS Games? War plus politics … (Read More)

Gamasutra: “War is the continuation of policy by other means.“1 RTS games have done a superb job of simulating war but a lousy job of simulating politics. If RTS games are to be truly strategic, then they need to simulate both war and politics. Why? Because war is politics.

Politics are who gets what, when, and how—in other words, who has power and who does not. War is about precisely that, just with more drama and a lot more destruction than the everyday politics we’re used to. In order to make the strategy of war meaningful, war has to be about more than simply destroying the enemy. It has to be about who gets what, when, and how. Without politics, war games devolve into pointless acts of attrition.”

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