Gamasutra - Blizzard Says Third Team Hard at Work

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Gamasutra interviewed Frank Pearce, founding member and senior Vice-President of Product Development (Blizzard Entertainment).  Pearce revealed there is a third team hard at work on an unveiled project.  Gamasutra suggests this product will be announced at BlizzCon.  Further questions were cleverly dodged. (Read More)

Frank Pearce: “Team 3 is working on something really awesome. I can’t give you any hints, but it’s totally awesome.”

A year ago, Paul Sams had revealed there were three unannounced projects in development.  Nowadays we know it is Starcraft II and the next World of Warcraft expansion.  The Diablo fanbase are eating their nails in anticipation expecting a new Diablo game.  However, there were strong comments from Rob Pardo recently at the Hollywood & Games Summit (June 2007) where he told Gamasutra he still hopes Starcraft: Ghost makes a return.  The development cycles of Burning Crusade expansion and Starcraft II caused them to put developer manpower on the November-launched expansion, suggesting that Starcraft: Ghost could be back on the developers’ table any time in the future.  Best Buy/Gamespot Affiliate webpage list Starcraft: Ghost mysteriously for 2010.

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