Frostmourne Sword Replica Auction Detected

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A fan named Rick sent heads up that an Epic Weapons Frostmourne Sword Replica is available for auction in eBay with buyout price: $700. The auction ends Sep 14, 2012 08:51 PDT.

A second Frostmourne Sword Replica is almost given away. The latest bid is around $404.

There’s a third Frostmourne Sword Replica in auction at $1,195 ending on Sept 15, 2012 at 10:19 PDT.

The price is definitely higher than when they were first sold by Epic Weapons, but only 6,500 replicas exist around the world. Be cautious, however. Lot of fake replicas from China are flooding eBay. Make sure any future auctions you find mentions the G2G authentication chip, and that the seller is shipping from USA.

There was a limited amount of Frostmourne sword replicas produced by Epic Weapons. The Frostmourne replica tagged #1 in production was originally sold for $20,700 in April 8, 2008.


    Frostmourne Sword inspired by Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft Franchise. This limited edition sword is no longer in production and only 6500 exist in the world. This was my own personal sword since February 2011 and has been mounted on my wall in a smoke free environment. Sword is in excellent condition and the plaque has some scratches on the back from being previously mounted.

    The sword measures approx. 47″ inches long and 12″ inches wide at the widest point of the handle.
    The blade is made of 420J2 Japanese milled stainless steel, the other detailed parts are made of cast metal, and the wrapping of the handle is made from leather.
    The sword weighs 16 pounds by itself.
    The plaque is 22″ inches tall, 12″ inches wide, and 3/4″ thick.

    G2G Technology
    The RFID Microchip (Radio frequency identification tag) holds information needed to authenticate your collectible product using the Game 2 Gear reader. Being able to authenticate the product will eliminate anybody trying to sell a “knock-off” type of product, ensuring that the end customer is receiving the true licensed product. The RFID Microchip is located within the handle of the sword and is not outwardly visible.

    What will be shipped:
    Frostmourne Sword
    G2G Chip Reader & USB Cable
    Display Plaque with hardware for mounting to drywall.
    Digital Certificate of Authenticity(See G2G scan).
    You can call the company after sale and get the ownership changed to your name.

    Original packaging not included. Sword is heavily bubble wrapped and packaged in 4.5 inch thick styrofoam on each side and is double boxed to ensure safe shipping.


    So yes, Frostmourne is a sweet sword, and yeah these real-life replicas are great (like a couple of thousand dollars great). But $20,000? That’s how much the winning bidder put up in the Weaponmasters auction to get a limited edition sword. That’s a lot of cash.

    Blizzplanet has a list of all the bidders (for public humiliation purposes?) — the “winner’s” (if you can call someone out $20k a winner) name was Xeophonix, apparently from Italy. Only the first two bidders went all out — there’s one more $20k bid, and then it drops to $12k & $5k. But grats to Xeophonix — hope the $20,000 sword is worth it. And watch your back — we don’t know exactly how you kill a Lich King, but if Weaponmasters didn’t quite get Arthas’ sword away from him for good, you might have an angry Menethil/Ner’zhul showing up at your door.

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