Frank Pearce Talks Starcraft 2 & 2.0

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Frank Pearce talked about Starcraft 2 and 2.0 with, and from what I could interpret it seems 2.0 will work like … Steam? to access World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, and Diablo III into one solid Blizzard Community where you can interact with friends who play the same game as you, or even if your friend doesn’t have World of Warcraft, you may keep in contact with him to synch playing Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3. If my interpretation was correct, this is gonna be a great feature. Read the interview

Q: That’s the basis of the plan to unite communities from all of Blizzard’s titles more?

Frank Pearce: We’d definitely like to be able to bring the entire Blizzard community together online. would certainly be a good tool to make that happen. The WoW community is massive, the StarCraft community is large as well.

We’ll have to see – we probably won’t be able to implement all the plans that we have in mind when StarCraft II launches, but with being an online destination, we can add features as we go.

Q: Do you see lots of crossover between the different players of your games?

Frank Pearce: We did some research, and I can’t remember which direction we did it in – whether it was StarCraft players that played WoW or vice versa – and there’s a fair amount of overlap.

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