Forum: Roleplaying Community Managers Needed

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Blizzplanet is looking for Community Managers to work volunteerly in expanding and enriching the Roleplaying Community of our partner forums—Submissions should be sent to the Forum Administrator Meara:

“The chime of metal scraping against metal resonated through the tall halls of RP-PvP. A goblin sat perched in a lofty throne, looking over his scrambling minions as they darted from forum to forum; moderating, crafting, and writing. The goblin raked his fingers through a black crest spread over his scalp, angled eyes closed as he spouted a maniacal cackle.

Another goblin, of shorter stature, approached the swaggering goblin poised on his throne. The lesser goblin opened a scroll and promptly began to read…

By order of the supreme office of RP-PvP, and by command of the higher powers of Meara Boldenwill, RP-PvP requires Trade-Prince Bazlo to hire new talents into the staff of our community. These Community Managers will moderate our forums, arrange roleplay events, and promote roleplay in any possible manner in-game and out. Resum?s must be sent to Meara, where the supreme office of RP-PvP will look over and make their decisions on whether the applicant will be accepted as a new staff member. Applications will no longer be accepted by March 11th, 2006.”

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