First StarCraft: I, Mengsk Signed Book In da House

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in Blizzard Games News, Blizzard Products News, StarCraft 2 News

We are happy to report that one of our fans was able to get the First-Ever signed StarCraft: I, Mengsk by Graham McNeill.  Recently, I announced that Graham would be signing books at the Games Workshop Store located in Manchester, England.  RenegadeAngel told me he would be in Manchester that day visiting some friends before heading back to United States.

RenegadeAngel made it to the Warhammer Event and got the book signed by Graham McNeill who was surprised, no doubt, to see a StarCraft fan handing him a copy of I, Mengsk.  Congratulations to RenegadeAngel. Stay tuned to Blizzplanet and for future announcements of book signing schedules.


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