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To further support guilds wishing to take advantage of the character migration as a group we?re introducing a system to ensure that players are not left behind when the guild moves.

Guild members who could not migrate with their guild may contact a GM and have their characters moved, within these guidelines:

  • The guild master must submit a member list for the guild to us through the community webform (see below), including the guild name and the guild?s realm prior to migrating. Only characters included on this list will be migrated manually by GMs after the migration has closed. The list must be submitted before the announced start of the migration (*), and the first list is always final ? no updates are accepted.
  • The guild member wishing to move after migration has been closed must contact the GMs within 2 weeks of the announced closing date of the migration. If a migration is cut short this will not affect the deadline, but extended migration will give additional time to send the request.
  • It is the responsibility of the guild itself to organize the migration of all its members. This is a system to help those few who simply didn?t have a chance to migrate on their own. We will thus have a limit on how many players will be moved afterwards.

This is a very short warning for the current migration phase. We will therefore ? this time only ? accept lists of migrating guild members after the start of the migration, until noon CEST Monday May 1st.

How to submit the list
The guild master should use this form, choosing the “Guild site submission” category:

State the realm (before the migration) and the guild name, and provide a simple list of the members – one name per line, no commas or anything.

Realm: Blizzard
Guild: Blues

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