E3 2006 - The Eye of the Storm

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We have reached that time of the year when World of Warcraft news seem scarce.  It is been some three or four days with lack of news.  E3 2006 is in the horizon.  No, Conference time started but that is not Party time!  It is on May 10 when the juice of E3 begins: the Expo on the booths.  Can you hear that anguishing silence?  Yeah, that is the eye of the storm.  Blizzard Entertainment has been teasing, giving details away of the expansion, and just when E3 is so nearby … the silence.  Nothing.  No posts in the forum. No interviews, no previews, nada.  What should we expect on Wednesday when Blizzard booth 1224 opens?  Will the new Alliance race be announced?  Will Diablo Team’s unannounced game be announced?  Will new zones and content of Burning Crusade be introduced?  Can you feel it?  Can you feel the hype building up?  Let’s hope Blizzard will deliver!

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