Dustin Browder: Reavers No More

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Dustin Browder explains the decision to remove Reavers from Starcraft II in anticipation to Blizzcon

Dustin Browder: “This decision is not permanent. Nothing is final.

We had a lot of units for the Protoss and we had to make some decisions for Blizzcon about what to keep and what to drop. The Reaver was by far the hardest call.

We are VERY aware of how some players feel about the Reaver. Frankly, we feel pretty passionately about it ourselves. The challenge of making a sequel to StarCraft is enormous. You will see us make (and unmake) a lot of decisions like this as we continue the development process together.

Thanks to everybody who posted their feelings on this issue. I don’t know what is going to happen in the future, but your feelings on the Reaver have been heard.”

– Dustin

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