Dual-Box Couple playing 46 Wow Accounts Simultaneously

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Unless this is a well elaborate hoax, this couple composed by a guy and his girlfriend have set up 46 PCs hooked to a server.  They play World of Warcraft with 46 accounts.  Each player uses three monitors.  Can you imagine the electric bill and monthly subscription costs? Mama mia! And I thought I needed a life:

I started boxing in 2001 in EverQuest. At first it was dual boxing, then
triple, then quad, then I 6 boxed for a long time. My girlfriend began
boxing and I decided to “kick it up a notch” and we began doing our own
raids. In 2005 we started playing WoW.

You can almost see how we “progressed” along the way in the terms of
the computers used. At first I started out with Shuttle PCs, then I added
a bunch of QPack PCs and finally AOpen XPCs.

I went through alot of hardware along the way. At first it was X-Keys and
KVMs, then I went with Cherry programmable keyboards and KVMs. I
never felt the urge to go monitor crazy—like many boxers I focused my
attention on a single screen, had another monitor locked onto another
character, and finally the 3rd monitor cycled through the KVM.

If you count the number of PCs, you’ll get 47. My girlfriend controls 23
and I control 23. The other one is a server. All but 2 of those pcs are
diskless. It got to the point that updating 46 pcs just took too long, the
hard drives added to the electric bill and generated heat, so I found a
good PXE solution that works great.

I could go on for days about boxing, software, hardware, etc etc. In the
old days I used to post pics and do some story telling on my website, but
then I started keeping a lower profile when I started doing my own raids.

I was doing some googling today and ran across this site. Normally I
wouldn’t post anything but since I’m thinking of retiring…

Here are some pics

Source: Kotaku

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