Djinn Gameplay Video from 2005

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A few days ago, I mentioned Castaway Entertainment – founded by ex-Blizzard North developers – was to close operations.  Thus far they are operating with at least six employees. Hopefully, they get back on their feet with financing from a publisher.  A fan named Vincent emailed me to let me know of a video that went up to YouTube back on 2005 showing some gameplay of their game Djinn—a hack’n slash game. Very sure many of old-school Diablo players would have loved to play that.  By the looks of the gameplay video you could shift view angles from normal Diablo-like view to MMO-like view.

The graphics aren’t world-shattering, but resemble the old-Diablo dungeon feel: colors, textures, illumination. The gameplay looks fun, specially that warrior’s earth-stomp that sends the human-insect hybrid hurling away with a knockback in the video below.

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