Did you record the Warcraft/Starcraft panel @ NYComic Con?

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Were you one of the attendees at NY Comic Con and recorded sound or video of the Warcraft/Starcraft panel? Please contact me here.

Update: Susan Hale from Tokyopop replied today. I saw one of the Tokyopop ladies record the Fantasy Worlds and Manga panel with a digicam at the New York Comic Con.  Susan says the Tokyopop webmaster will have that video up soon at the Tokyopop website.

I will keep you updated with a direct link once it has been uploaded to their website. Hopefully, they also have the Warcraft/Starcraft panel video. If any fan who attended the event got to record audio or video you are still welcome to contact me with a link.  I was hoping to take video myself, but an arrangement with two companies fell through, and the backup plan too.

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