Diablo - The World Wide Web Has Been Shaken

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Whether Blizzard Entertainment announces the next Diablo game at the 2008 Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals or at another time, one thing is an absolute truth: After it became public the Diablo3.com domain name was given to Blizzard … the World Wide Web has been shaken.

Every corner of the globe is talking about Blizzard and the next Diablo game.  From China, Japan, Australia, India to Greece, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Spain … everywhere you go, every Gaming News site is talking about Diablo.

Blizzard … we hope you are listening.  The world is listening. We are ready.

It’s taken me a few hours of web searching.  Here is a long list of Gaming Sites who look forward for a Diablo game announcement.

Note: Below G4TV host wraps up the video mentioning Blizzard acquired the Diablo3.com domain name. The host’s excited face expression at the end … Priceless! (Thanks Murderface and Kur’Tal – Diablofans.com Forum Members)

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