Diablo III Art Design Direction Survey

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With the announcement of Diablo III fans have exploded in a myriad of emotions getting what they much awaited. The gameplay video and all these new technologies and mechanics added to the game have impacted in a good way the opinion of old school Diablo II players.

However, from what I could read while in Paris during and after the Diablo III panels, some fans are against the color design. Some feedback says it looks too Warcraft III-ish (colorful and cartoonish), and that it should have a color palette that portrays better the dark and gothic essence of what was Diablo II.

Personally, I loved what I saw as is. I would like to gather the feedback of everyone in the community in a organized fashion so that Blizzard’s Diablo III Dev Team can read through your feedback. I bet they would appreciate it. Please, make a very concise, respectful, and detailed explanation of what you liked and did not like of the Art Design Direction in Diablo III.

Post your feedback here. I will forward it to Bashiok.

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