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Update (8pm): A closer look at the DNS lookup, the domain name is no longer under Mockery’s ownership:

Registrant: Blizzard Entertainment
Domain Name: DIABLO3.COM

Those who were skeptic when Umaro said in the countdown that half the web would link to Diablo3.com—now you know the true meaning of that statement.  Everyone is officially going to be reloading diablo3.com from this day forward.  Today Blizzard Entertainment is officially owner of the domain name according to the Domain Name Registrar Search Engines.

Got message from Mockery. Get back for updates.  Mockery might post an announcement in the next 72 hours at the DiabloFans.com website (former Diablo3.com Forum Community)

Original News (7:50pm)
Early around noon EST (-5GMT), Europe fans were complaining that Diablo3.com was no longer redirecting to Diablofans.com

Other fans could still see Diablo3.com redirecting to Diablofans.com—including myself on US East Coast.  I am co-webmaster at DiabloFans.com and informed them this was typical DNS behavior when a domain name has been transferred to a new server.  Blizzplanet has moved servers quiet a few times since 2003, and this usually happens.  Some fans see it, while others dont.  It takes anywhere between an hour to 72 hours (3 days) for all DNS servers worldwide to be updated—depending on the geographical location a person lives in.

I have not had any updates from Mockery in 2-3 weeks, so I don’t know the current whereabouts on the domain name Diablo3.com—but a look into the domain name lookup says the domain name was updated today June 18.  Ownership details is not available currently. It is not confirmed, but it seems the domain name has finally been transferred to Blizzard Entertainment as reported on May 1.

For those who were skeptic, Blizzard confirmed to Next-Gen.biz the acquisition of the domain name: Diablo3.com

It is sad to see the domain name gone.  The Diablo3.com domain name had been acquired on 1998 by Mockery as a haven for Diablo fans. Ten years later, the domain name has been given to Blizzard Entertainment upon request. A fan himself, Mockery chose to give the domain name free of charge. Only the future may reveal what fate the domain name will endure from this day forth.

Will the domain name remain pointing to limbo?  Will it redirect to Blizzard.com? to the Diablo 2 Arreat Summit website? Or to the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals website? Or to BlizzCon website?

Former visitors of the Diablo3.com Forums may continue to interact with other fans to talk about their favorite hack and slash RPG game at DiabloFans.com or by clicking Blizzplanet’s World of Sanctuary forum link at the top.

Although I have not confirmed yet that the domain name admin panel has been officially transferred to Blizzard, be alert for any updates.  It is highly possible that Mockery might announce a confirmation.

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