Death and Taxes Guild face Sapphiron

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Death and Taxes Guild, an Alliance guild located at Korgath (PvP) Realm has engaged Sapphiron the blue dragon in Naxxaramas instance. They didn’t last much before the might of Saphiron. However, they are among the first guilds to even reach him.  If you don’t mind spoilers, then head to the video to watch his behavior.  Once Sapphiron reaches flight stage, there are a few attacks he performs: He spits a frostbolt at a random single-player every 5-8 seconds.  Sapphiron casts Blizzard(chunks of ice) in his surrounding perimeter below him, and seems to His breath attack seems to freeze everyone into an ice block.  Before landing, cast an AOE similar to arcane explosion, but in a frosty-fashion.

To find out about Sapphiron in Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne read our Campaign lore section. King Arthas and Anub’Arak battled Sapphiron to steal arcane artifacts from him.  However, in order to annihilate the Blood Elves convoy near Dragonblight and to reach the entrance to Azjol-Nerub, King Arthas raised Sapphiron’s corpse with necromancy as a powerful Frost Wyrm. Last time Sapphiron was seen, he killed some of Muradin’s surviving dwarven militia. Once their way into the entrance was secure, King Arthas left him behind at the entrance of Azjol-Nerub due to his size. Sapphiron now serves Kel’Thuzad and resides in Naxxramas Necropolis. Watch the video below by clicking the images:

Source: DT Guild

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