C’Thun Unkillable?

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It has come to my attention by browsing through many topics in the official forum, that C’Thun has not been killed in almost two months.  It is a rough encounter.  However, I don’t know if anyone has inspected Ahn’Qiraj thoroughfully for the following possibility.

Rumor# 1: Some of the Qiraji look pretty much humanoid.  I recall using mind control at Blackrock Spire to use the Spellbinder Fire buff for Ragnaros and Blackwing Lair instances.  Has anyone tried to mind control the different humanoid Qiraji?  Maybe mind controlling a Qiraji unit that may cast Nature resistance buff to all raid players could help you in the C’Thun encounter.

Rumor# 2: It is amusing to see four gongs in the Eye of C’Thun’s room.  Someone speculated the scepter of the shifting sands could be used to bang the gongs, resulting in C’Thun lowering his damage output.  This has not been tested yet. Some say the scepter is removed from the bag once used to open the gates, and that it is costly to create a second one.  Would be creative to try the event with someone owning a scepter of the shifting sands during the event or one of the Abyssal Council scepters. Can anyone confirm if this was tried?

Watch the following movie showing four gongs at the C’Thun event.

Rumor# 3: Another speculation is that Ouro has something to do with killing C’Thun, sorta like Hakkar is easier to beat once the priests are dead.

Rumor# 4: It is said that Elementium weapons can affect Old gods.  If true, this would be a very long-term and costly option. Worth a try?  Can anyone share the quest-text saying Elementium causes damage to Old gods?

Rumor# 5: Has Prospector Brann Bronzebeard been found yet?  He is missing in Ahn’Qiraj, somewhere.  Could it be that finding him would give you more details on how to beat C’Thun?

Rumor# 6: One of the dragons, Caelstrasz implies that if they were freed they could somehow be able to help?

”“Even if you somehow manage to free us without defeating C’Thun, we would focus all our powers to see the beast banished back to the hell from whence it came at any cost”

Maybe if there’s a way to free them they can buff the group or cast a spell on C’Thun to lower his damage output or increase his damage taken?—very unconfirmed. Experiment and let us know.

Rumor# 7
Twilight Cultist Ring of Lordship – Equip: When worn with the Twilight Trappings Set and the Medallion of Station, allows access to a Greater Wind Stone. Maybe impersonating a High Ranking Twilight Hammer or a Abyssal Council artifact you may bang the gongs in C’Thun’s room?

There are many rumors and ideas thrown around.  Lorewise and strategic-wise I would like the idea of finding Brann Bronzebeard somewhere in Ahn’Qiraj to give us a clue as to a weakness, or any of the dragons inside Ahn’Qiraj helping somehow.  Blizzard likes to be creative with quests, and since it’s taken so long to beat C’Thun there is obviously something amiss by the top guilds.  Something needs to be figured out beside raw combat and strategy.  The Spellbinder Fire resist buff was key to victory against Ragnaros; The summoning of Vael in the Warchief Rend battle using the Seal of Ascension—are examples of interactive options that give you an edge to defeat high-end bosses. Something so epic as a battle against an Old god should have some tricks involving NPCs.

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