Christie Golden @ Barnes & Noble - Dec 7-13

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Christie Golden is finishing the third book in the Starcraft: The Dark Templar trilogy titled TWILIGHT.  You can meet Christie Golden in person by assisting to her upcoming book signing public appearances on Boulder, Colorado. Bring your copy of Warcraft: Lord of the Clans, World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde, Starcraft: The Dark Templar to get it signed by the writer. Or any non-Blizzard novel written by her. Make sure to send us photos.

Christie Golden: Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is gearing up to have a great holiday season!  Currently I’m very busy, but in a good way.  I’m finishing up TWILIGHT, the third in my Dark Templar trilogy.  I’m delighted to report that the second book, SHADOW HUNTERS, is out now!  From what I’ve heard from my readers, you’ve all enjoyed FIRSTBORN, I hope you like this one just as much!

I’ll be taking a break from my computer to do a couple of signings this season.  Both are pretty special—not your ordinary, run of the mill book signings.

December 7-13:

Many of you know that I have participated in a curriculum called the Path of the Ceremonial Arts, hosted by a Boulder organization called All Season’s Chalice.  I do not think it is an understatement to say that this organization has profoundly and positively shaped my life and my writing.  I’m delighted to be able to assist them with a fundraiser.  There are two parts to this.

First, from Friday, December 7, through Thursday December 13, all Boulder Barnes & Noble booksellers purchases made with an accompanying voucher will generate a fundraising gift for All Seasons Chalice/The StarHouse.  The donation made by Barnes & Noble is based upon a percentage of your purchase.  Please print out a voucher via All Seasons Chalice’s home page at  This applies to all book, magazine, CD/DVD, gift and café purchases made during the week.

So print out a voucher and bring it to The Boulder Barnes & Noble Store located next to Whole Foods on Pearl Streeth, between 29th and 30th in person or phone in the order to the Boulder store, 303-442-1665 and mention that you have a voucher (Bookfair #176610).

Or best of all….come to my signing on—Sunday, December 8, 12- 4!

I do not yet know exactly when my “slot” will be, but will update here once I do know.  All Seasons Chalice will have a table in the store along with several performances throughout the day.  The books I know they’ll have for sure are ON FIRE’S WINGS, IN STONE’S CLASP, FIRSTBORN and SHADOW HUNTERS.

Can’t make it to Boulder, but want some personalized books?  Or want a wider selection?

Saturday, December 15, come visit me at my husband’s framing store, Picture This… in Berthoud, Colorado!  We will be having our “Holiday Party” that day, so there will be coffee, cookies, and spiced apple cider.  Because this is a unique situation, this is your chance to get a hold of books that you might otherwise not be able to find. I have many copies of books that are out of print that I will be bringing to sell and sign.  If you know you will be coming and want to make sure I have a particular book for you, send me an email!  I’ll wait to sign it until you’re there to pick it up of course, but I’ll be sure to bring it and set it aside for you. 

Picture This…is a beautiful store.  We’ve worked very hard to make it a fun place to spend some time.  Bring a project you’ve long wanted to get around to having framed, buy a gift certificate, a fine art print, or gifts such as beautiful handmade pottery and jars, shea butter bars, soaps and tasty treats along with your autographed books!  Please bring some friends too, we’d love to get word out both about my writing and about the store.

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