China The9: Playing Fair with Blizzard?

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ITWeek reports the ongoing debate and negotiations between The9 (China) and Blizzard Entertainment:

Blizzard is asking for a larger cut of the game’s profits in China, sources say, and appears concerned that The9 will also operate a competing online game, Guild Wars.

But The9, which made more than $26m from the game in the first quarter, is refusing to renegotiate the terms agreed when World of Warcraft was launched in China.

Private negotiations between the two companies went public last month when Blizzard, a division of Vivendi Games, took the unusual step of announcing that The9 would have to ‘negotiate’ for the Burning Crusade expansion, which will be released next year.

Such expansion packs are typically played as part of the original game, and cannot be operated independently.

In the same statement, Blizzard warned that it was “actively exploring and discussing cooperation opportunities and further expansion of its business” with other companies in China.

The9 still relies on World of Warcraft for 99 per cent of its revenues, but is attempting to diversify by developing and licensing new games”

Things are getting interesting not just because The9 is seeking to support the competitor Guild Wars … they just announced to offer support to Flagship Studios game … Hellgate: London. Made by the ex-Blizzard North executives.

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