Burning Crusade: Interactive Outland Map

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This is gorgeous!  Blizzard released the map of Outland from the Burning Crusade expansion:

Interactive Map of Outland
Beyond the Dark Portal lies Outland, the broken remains of the Orcs’ homeworld, Draenor. Amid the ruins of this world, the survivors of the cataclysm are trying to rebuild, and in other parts of Outland, life continues to thrive. Those brave enough to make the journey through the Dark Portal will find new allies and enemies, as well as limitless adventure beyond an untamed horizon.

We’ve just released an interactive map showing all of Outland’s dungeons, Alliance and Horde settlements, faction bases and neutral cities as well as new screenshots of each region. Check out the interactive Outland map now!

New Burning Crusade Screenshots
We’ve updated our screenshot gallery for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade with four new shots.

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