Burning Crusade - Hotfix Report - March 19-25

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Blizzard Devs have been busy this week hotfixing several dungeon encounters that will benefit guild progression through high-end content.  The hotfixes will continue until Sunday, March 25.  So keep watching the official forum or our news for further updates.


  • Nightbane’s melee damage has been reduced.
  • Hydross the Unstable no longer deals a crushing blow.
  • The Romulo and Julianne encounter has been retuned to be less difficult.
  • Gruul’s health has been lowered, and the damage from his shatter ability has been reduced.
  • Gruul should now correctly use his hurtful strike ability.
  • The Magtheridon encounter has been rebalanced to be somewhat easier and should now better keep to proper raid progression.
  • Healing bonuses no longer apply to the Diamond Flask.


  • Nightbane’s breath attack and rain of bones now target those players attempting to avoid his attacks.
  • Warbringer O’mrogg’s status will now reset, after a wipe during his enraged state.


  • Corrected an issue where Coilfang Ambushers would evade unnecessarily.
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