Burning Crusade Cinematic Intro

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You can now watch the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Cinematic Intro in both Flash or High-Definition AVI formats. The introduction starts with Illidan’s narration as we see the view of the Dark Portal:

“Imprisoned for ten thousand years … banished from my own homeland … And now you dare enter my realm.  You are not prepared!”

A Draenei reads through a Tome and Holy Light embraces him.  A female Blood Elf watches comtemptly a Mana wraith wrap up around her arm like a pet cuddling up. She suddenly absorbs his lifeforce and converts it into arcane power.  An orc slashes through two Naga with his sword, staining the screen with blood.  A troll runs through Outland on his raptor mount. A draenei smashes two orcs with his mace.  An orc is brought down by arrows, and falls flat on his chest, while another blood elf priest resurrects him.  A human mage polymorphs a Tauren into a sheep.  An undead Warlock casts hellfire against a horde of morlocs. A blood elf smashes the ground.

Illidan is shown holding the skull of Gul’dan. Jumping into the sky, wings spread, his features change and runic tattoos glow green.


Thanks, Theadrick for correction.

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