Burning Crusade Beta Patch 2.0.2

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I will get you coverage of Shadowmoon Valley and other areas.  Today in the evening Blizzard released the Beta Patch 2.0.2

World of Warcraft Client Beta Patch 2.0.2

The latest patch notes can always be found Here.


  • Shadowmoon Valley is now open and available for play.
  • Tempest Keep: Arcatraz dungeon will now be open.
  • The Heroic Difficulty dungeon requirements have been temporarily (for the Beta only) lowered to Neutral to encourage Heroic Mode testing.


  • The talent, “Mangle” (bear) will now properly give the appropriate 25% additional damage to bleed effects.
  • The tooltips for the feral druid spells, “Pounce” (Rank 3) and “Pounce” (Rank 4)now reflect the proper information.


  • “Misdirection” should now work properly when a hunter uses “Distracting Shot”.
  • The hunter ability, “Feign Death” should now properly reduce threat even when their pet is on the mob’s threat list.


  • The talent,“Critical Mass” will now use the appropriate crit chance.
  • The spell, “Arcane Missiles” will now channel for the correct amount of time.


  • The spell, “Benediction” will now properly decrease the mana cost of “Seal of Blood”.
  • The Retribution Tree talent, “Pursuit of Justice” will now properly affect the speed of flying mounts.


  • The spell, “Shadow Word Death” will no longer cause damage to the caster when it is resisted.


  • Rogues will no longer aggro targeted mobs that have not been attacked when their “Stealth” cooldown expires.
  • “Anesthetic Poison” is now properly available at level 68 at the rogue trainers.
  • Stunning an NPC will no longer cause the message “You must be behindyour target” when rogues properly try to use abilities behind a target.
  • The talent, “Dagger Specialization”, will now use the appropriate crit chance.


  • Casting the shaman spell “Rockbiter Weapon” will no longer improperly raise weapon skill.


  • The spells, “Curse of Doom” (Rank 1) and “Curse of Doom” (Rank 2) will now properly share a cooldown.
  • The spell, “Curse of Doom” will now properly scale from level 60-70.
  • Fixed an issue where party and raid members were unable to take part in helping to complete the warlock spell, “Ritual of Souls”.


  • NPCs will now properly despawn when their faction loses control ofthe base in Halaa.
  • Arenas

    *Corrected an issue that was causing some players to be unable to create an arena team.

    *Corrected an issue where players were able to join more than one team in an arena bracket.

    Item buffs (i.e. Soulstones) will no longer improperly persist on entering an arena match.

  • Battlegrounds
  • Players will now properly be re-added to the raid group when dropped from the battleground.
  • Players will now be able to see map pings when done by players from other realms in the battlegrounds.
  • Items that cause an invulnerability proc will no longer cause players to drop flags in CTF matches.


  • Corrected some interaction issues with many NPCs.
  • Attacking neutral creatures in the Steamvault, Coilfang Resevoir, will no longer cause nearby naga to aggro.
  • The “Extra Sharp Daggermaw Tooth” will now drop for players attempting to do the quest, “Cutting Your Teeth” in Blade’s Edge Mountains.
  • Channeling bars will now show for the correct amount of time.
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