Blizzplanet’s Back and Kicking

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Server transition has been completed and Blizzplanet is back online in an independent server. Some links might be broken here and there, but they will be taken care of. Bad news, forums won’t be back for a while. Apologies for the downtime, and the sudden move. I no longer work as a staff of the network, thus Blizzplanet moved away from their servers.

I strongly believe in supporting Blizzard licensed products without conditions, or whether it causes conflicts of interest. My commitment is strong toward keeping a good relationship with each of these companies, and Blizzard Entertainment. It’s been that way since 2002 when Blizzplanet was born.

Blizzplanet is a strong supporter of licensed Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo product writers, editors and publishers. What makes Blizzplanet different or unique is our constant flow of news about upcoming novels, manga, comic books, magazines, TCGs and other products to inform a large percent of Blizzard fans who love to collect and purchase Blizzard products.

I wish to thank all of these companies for their support, but especially wish to thank Blizzard Public Relations and the Creative Team, because without them I wouldn’t be able to bring our followers fresh news about these products.

Looking forward into the future, we got a lot of work to do with content about Cataclysm, Starcraft II and all the info out there on Diablo III. Eldorian and Omacron are going to BlizzCon 2010. I might not be able to go due to IRL reasons, some of you know my situation, but hopefully that changes. There are two interviews shaping up about two new licensed products. So stay tuned. Very good stuff.

Blizzplanet will undergo a new layout design process sometime during the month — this server move was done overnight so it might take a while to get a layout and a new system migration. I will alert you in advance before that happens.

If you find any problems loading Blizzplanet at home, but works fine elsewhere, I recommend deleting the Blizzplanet cookies and clearing your browser’s cache. Hitting CTRL + F5 can do the trick too.

Special thanks to Eldorian, Miaari and hubby for their quick response with the server transition.

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