Blizzplanet WWI Card Contest Winners

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Blizzplanet moved recently to a new server on a different hosting company.  This was informed to me in a very short notice, so most people might probably not be able to see this until regional DNS servers are updated. Apologies for the downtime. If you are experiencing problems to access Blizzplanet in your browser, but not elsewhere, hit ctrl + F5 (Windows Users) to force-refresh cache and cookies. That might help.

Here is a preliminar list of winners of a Tyrael pet code and a Wrath of the Lich King beta code. Some may be missing if they didn’t provide a character name.

Maarja – Sylvanas(EU)
Savinia – Arygos
Kitanis – Malfurion
Elyseon – Nordrassil (EU)
Zarzen – Blackhand
Erevion – Earthen Ring
Taurk – Draenor
Lyquidface – Warsong
Ivanu – Kul’Tiras
Phizz – Emerald Dream
Hotpockets – Area 52
Oliviera – Gilneas
Altepa – Zul’jin

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