Blizzplanet Weekly News Roundup

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A weekly recap of Blizzard Games News reported on Blizzplanet headlines in case you missed them.  News are moving fast lately.  If you see a worthy news of any Blizzard games feel free to submit news.  Just make sure the website does not contain those kinds of ad banners or links that violate the TOS/EULA of Blizzard games.

Starcraft: The Board Game Website Launched!
GC2007 – Blizzard UK Coverage
Blizzard – BlizzCon 2007 Photo Galleries
GC2007 – Actiontrip interviews Jeff Kaplan
Wrath of the Lich King: Caverns of Time: Culling of Stratholme
Richard A. Knaak – Europe Book Signing Schedule
Again … Rob Pardo Hints Starcraft: Ghost isn’t dead!
Starcraft II Q&A – Batch 10
YouTube Scam Alert
Keith R.A. DeCandido @ DragonCon 2007
Gabriel Mesta @ DragonCon 2007
Gencon 2007 – Starcraft: The Board Game
Schwick interviews Blizzplanet’s Medievaldragon
Diablo MMO a Possibility?
CVG interviews Kaplan and Samwise: Wrath of the Lich King
Starcraft II – GGL Interviews Samwise Didier
Gamona interviews Samwise – Fourth Race Thoughts
DC Comics – World of Warcraft Action Figures Update
Petition – Bring Back Our Original Jim Raynor
Starcraft II – Thor
Blizzard will be hiring at Austin GDC
Starcraft II – Paul Eiding – Aldaris
Blizzard Next-Gen MMO Job Openings
Blizzard Talks: Gilneas
Starcraft II Q&A – Batch 11
Blizzard @ GC Asia , September 6-9
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