Blizzplanet Update

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As you may see at the top-right of the page, we have a menu bar similar to that of—it is currently not in service.  Links direct you to blank pages.  This is alright.  It is still under development.  I’m going to migrate the left-block text to independent pages per game to lower down the clutter.  The RSS Feed will be removed, and we are planning to create a separate page for Feeds.  This means you will read feeds if you wish to.  Hopefully, this will speed up loading time for fans running 56kbps.  However, we will be working on this for few days.  We will update you when the menu is operational.

DarkNemesis was working on a Search Engine that will allow you to search keywords within the news section or within the content section, or both.  This will be helpful to you when searching for something in particular. Soon as Darknemesis tweaks the code, it will be at the top-left.

There will be soon a Modding Community news section—it is still inactive, as you may see above, and a section where all Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo mods in the internet will be listed, helping you find them easily, instead of browsing dozens of yahoo/google pages.

We will soon have a World of Warcraft Movies feed—this is top-secret project that some close-partners are working on, and we will provide feed support to them, and at the same time give you options.  Movies submitted to their database will be automatically converted to Flash/.SWF ensuring browser-compatibility. The great news is that you won’t be annoyed by certain ad banners that destroy the MMO Community.  Which is a plus.  We will be honored to support such a project.

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