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New York City, N.Y.—November 1, 2005— Blizzplanet today announces plans for a Public Q&A on IRC Chat with Luke Johnson, Warcraft RPG books Author & Developer, from White Wolf Publishing, Inc.  The Public Q&A will take place on:

Date: Tuesday, November 8
Time: 8pm EST / 5pm PST
Port: 6668
Channel: #rp-pvp

To join the IRC channel—for those in College limitations or not irc-savvy, you may join through Stratics Java applet:

If you have java installed, go there. Type a username. Once stratics server loads few seconds later, type:
/join #rp-pvp

then you are ready. The event starts at 8pm EST or 5pm PST.

IRC Clients
Download Mirc (PC)
Download Ircle (Mac)
Download GeoIrc (Linux)

Blizzard Fansites, RPG/d20 Fansites, Wow RPG & Roleplaying PvP Servers players, and Gaming Networks are invited to come and participate one-on-one with Luke Johnson.  You may contact me here.  Share your comments at the RP-PvP Lore Forums Community.

The public Q&A will focus on the World of Warcraft: The Role Playing Game book released back on July 2005 and the upcoming releases:

World of Warcraft: More Magic and Mayhem
It?s the first supplement for the new World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game book and the first book for which Luke Johnson was the developer from beginning to end. Material is adapted from Blizzard Entertainment’s best-selling Warcraft computer game franchise, with over 19 million copies sold.  It?s currently in production; scheduled release date: November 14th, 2005.

Magic Twists as Gears Turn.  Arcanists and healers weave spells that scour the battlefield. Tinkers craft rifles, bombs and clockwork poultry to decimate their enemies.

  • New Magic and Technology
    • More Magic & Mayhem brims with magic and technology steeped in the Warcraft setting. Heroes hardwire new weapons, research arcane secrets, and call forth mighty creatures to smash their foes. Based on the best-selling World of Warcraft computer game, More Magic & Mayhem contains a wealth of new spells, feats, classes, magic items and technology.
  • New and updated core classes, including the inscriber, runemaster, witch doctor.

  • New and updated prestige classes, including the Argent Dawn crusader, enchanter, geomancer, and steam warrior.

  • Create alchemical brews, enhance your weapons and armor with special enchantments, and harness runic powers.

  • New feats focusing on magic and technology in the Warcraft world.

  • New spells, abilities, magic items and technological devices that enhance, mangle and squawk.

  • Extensive rules for battling in mighty steam armor!

World of Warcraft: Lands of Mystery
This is an upcoming Warcraft RPG book that explores Kalimdor, the South Seas, and Northrend. It’s the first Warcraft book for which Luke Johnson was both author and developer, which has become standard practice. It’s currently in production; scheduled release date: January 2006.

Uncover Warcraft’s Secrets!  Battle across the unexplored continent of Kalimdor. Unearth dead civilizations in chilling Northrend. Hunt evils in the jungles of the Echo Isles. A world of adventure awaits!  A Sourcebook for World of Warcraft: The Role-Playing Game?.

Explores the regions of Kalimdor, Northrend, the Echo Isles, Undermine, and other uncharted regions in Azeroth, from inhabitants to geography to key individuals.

  • New prestige classes (including the South Seas buccaneer), new feats, new monsters, and new magic items appeal to all Warcraft players.
  • Three adventures set in the lands of mystery make this a great game master resource.
  • Designed with extensive input from the creative minds behind Blizzard’s best-selling World of Warcraft computer game and chock full of lore for fans of the online game.

World of Warcraft: The Monster Guide
This is the latest and greatest monster book updated for the World of Warcraft RPG. Approximate release date: March 2006.

The undead Scourge dominates Lordaeron and Northrend. Servants of the insidious Burning Legion summon demons. Naga strike from the depths, and troggs burst from dark places beneath the surface. To carve your name into legend, you must match swords, wits, skill, and spell with these and hundreds of other creatures.

  • Over 200 monsters for use in your World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game.
  • Many monsters suitable for player character races, such as blood elves, Dark Iron dwarves, naga, and pandaren.
  • Includes descriptions and statistics for some of Azeroth?s key villains, such as Baron Geddon, Illidan Stormrage, Lord Kazzak, and Onyxia.
  • Includes full rules on monster abilities, on improving monsters, and on using monsters as heroes and villains.

Alliance Player’s Guide
Glory to the Alliance!  Draw blade and spear to battle the Scourge, the Burning Legion, and the Horde! Keep your eyes sharp and your tongue sharper as you match wits with rival political factions. Bolster the Alliance’s strengths? or prey upon its weaknesses.  A character sourcebook for the World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game?—It’s currently in production; scheduled release date: April 2006.

  • Includes a wealth of detail on the Alliance, including its races and structure.
  • New races, feats, prestige classes, and other game mechanics particular to the Alliance.
  • Information on the Alliance’s history, its leaders, and its current military and political structure.
  • Delve into the details of the Alliance’s races: Explore their society, psychology, and culture.

Horde Player’s Guide
Glory to the Horde!  Grab hammer and axe to crush the Horde’s enemies! Mok’nathal warriors range across new frontiers. Shamans and witch doctors teach their skills to new adepts, and the Horde’s enemies learn of its strengths and strike at its weaknesses. Delve into the Horde’s history, its structure, and its political climate. Discover new races, feats, classes, and technology unique to the Horde. Blood and thunder!  A Character Sourcebook for World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game?—Scheduled release date: June 2006

  • Includes a wealth of detail on the Horde, including its races and structure.
  • New races, feats, classes, and other game elements unique to the Horde.
  • Information on the Horde’s history, its leaders, and its current military and political structure.
  • Designed with creative input from the minds behind the best-selling World of Warcraft computer game.
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