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Well, I wasn’t expecting that one. My sincere thanks to Gamasutra for the spotlight at the news for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game: Heroes of Azeroth. As well as Kotaku, WowVault IGN, and many others. Blizzard US and Blizzard Europe have been very supportive. Thanks.

Make sure to check out the World of Warcraft Easter Eggs section again. It is now 11 pages. Each page contains around 30 easter eggs and/or Pop-culture references.  It is a lot of work. I am trying to add links to imdb, wikipedia, allakhazam and other sources for you to confirm the easter egg references. I’m still by page 4. The goal is to make all pages have not miss a link to one of those sources.

  • Did you think the Wow Easter Eggs aren’t updated? Then you are wrong. Some fans have submitted Ahn’Qiraj and Naxxramas submissions.

  • Did you know the siamese cat in Naxxramas Mr. Bigglesworth is the name of Dr. Evil’s cat in Austin Powers?
  • Did you know that Lieutenant General Andorov tells Rajaxx in Ahn’Qiraj a one-liner from the film: Commando (1985)?
  • Johnathon the Revelator at the Ahn’Qiraj Gates refers to a Depeche Mode song? 2005 Album: Playing the Angel. The song is titled Jon the Revelator.
  • Do you love the Jom Gabbar trinket from Ouro? Did you know it is a reference to the Gom Jabbar in the film: Dune (1983)?

Hope you enjoy the new Easter eggs. Make sure to submit an easter egg if it is not in the database.

Special thanks to the World of Warcraft community and everyone who has submitted new eggs. Apologies for not emailing back, but there are so many fans, my email account would be banned for bulk-spam. Takes hat off.

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