Blizzplanet Alert

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in BlizzPlanet Site News

If you do not have NOSCRIPT addon on your Firefox, run an anti-virus, we just noticed something going on. Rush is taking care of it, but may take a few.  I am not sure what it is because I have NOSCRIPT on.  As a precaution, change your WoW account password immediately after you run anti-virus and anti-malware.  The URL of this intrusive code seems to aim World of Warcraft.

UPDATE: Rush fixed the problem. The intrusion didn’t affect the CMS, nor came from the ad banners. Database was not compromised. The old forum seems to have facilitated matters. The forum will be permanently removed, and requested Rush to host Blizzplanet’s forum on as a sub-forum soon, to benefit from vBulletin security. If you visited between 9am-10:20am take precautions. We identified how it happened, and are taking measures to prevent it from happening again on that end.

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