BlizzCon - Live Blogging Test

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This is a Live Blogging Test only. I will very likely use this script during BlizzCon. What for? Well, it let’s me post live without having to reload the blizzplanet admin control every few seconds to make live updates. Instead the updates are seemless and the blog script below alerts you with a sound each time I update. Better yet, you don’t need to reload the page. The script automatically updates you without reloading this page.

The idea of using this live blogging script is that fans and visitors that get to watch Blizzcon live via DIRECTV or WCRadio online livestream can submit questions to me after the developers talk in the panels. At the end of said panels, they do a round of fan Q&A panels. I will alert you via the live blogging when to submit your questions. I will pick a couple of them and ask the developers.

Some of the questions I gather from the community will be asked in private to the developers. Sounds great? Stay tuned. I am leaving on Wednesday to California.

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