Blizzcon 2007: Day Two - Wow Film details

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Shacknews got details of the Legendary Pictures Wow Film Panel. It seems the film will be based a year before World of Warcraft. Thomas Tull (Legendary Pictures Chairman)unveiled a concept art from the film production.  It shows a great tree, on a ocean landscape. You got it … Teldrassil, Darnassus, Tyrande come to mind.

“Honestly, the story that we’re running with at this point, we wanted it to be relevant to the experience of WoW players,” Metzen said. “Not necessarily buried in thousands of years of continuity. We wanted it to be, well, recent. The story takes place about a year before WoW begins. You’re likely to see a lot of races you’ve played, the lands you know. The story really is a number of main plot points kind of rolled into a really strong two, two and a half hour tale.”

IGN has an article offering more details of the film.  Characters to make an appearance include Bolvar Fordragon, Thrall, and Cairne Bloodhoof. No Director has been chosen to start production of the film, which is aimed to release on 2009.  First time we get a release date, now that’s news.

Thanks to Warlock from Scrolls of Lore and Wenzil for the tip.

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