BlizzCast Q&A Questions Needed!

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Blizzard contacted fansites to relay the following message to all fans. If you wish your questions considered for the upcoming BlizzCast Episode 3 podcast, feel free to send them in. Episode 2 is about to be released.

“We are once again looking for fan-submitted questions to answer in future episodes of BlizzCast. It can be anything related to Blizzard, the company, our games, or the talented people that work here.  We do have a Q&A session in the soon-to-be-released episode 2 where we cover a bit of Starcraft lore and several World of Warcraft game play questions.  Keep an eye on the BlizzCast home page ( for when it is released to get all the details.

So if you have a question you want to get to us, please send an email with the subject line “BlizzCast Q&A” to the email address and you can include a name/character along with a location/realm if you’d like for us to refer to you during the show if your question is picked.

While we won’t be able to get to every one of them, we want to keep you updated on ours games or the company, whatever aspects are most important to you.

Thanks for your help and be sure to tune into future BlizzCasts ( to see if your question was answered!

Have a great weekend!”

Best regards,

Assistant Community Manager
Blizzard Entertainment

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