BlizzCast # 11 Available

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After the cooldown post-BlizzCon, the team behind this production has finally released BlizzCast # 11. Surprisingly, there were no developer interviews or new info about the games. Instead, all the Community Managers go chatty expressing their personal experience at Blizzcon, along with a few anecdotes. Some quite funny.

The Community Managers have said before that is not supposed to be a tool to get interviews with the developers, but a tool to allow players to get a close view of the developers and their personal experiences as a Blizzard employee. Sometimes we do get some juicy info, sometimes we get to know a developer’s background before and after joining Blizzard.

Blizzard Quote:
Karune:  Were any of you guys actually there in the crowd among the fans?

Nethaera: Absolutely!

Bashiok: I actually have a hilarious anecdote; it was hilarious to me, anyway. So I was out in the crowd and there was a journalist next to me, I don

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