Blizzard Buys Diablo 4 Worldwide Domains

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Diablo 3 has not been officially announced. Yet Blizzard Entertainment is jumping the wagon in advance and has gone into URL-acquisition spree purchasing various worldwide URLs such as , , , to name a few. A very strange move that may or not debunk rumors of a Diablo MMO. Why spend so many resources in mass acquiring domain names for a game that is “rumored” to be incarnated as a Next-Gen MMORPG / MMORPG?

Is this really Blizzard or someone playing a joke and impersonating Blizzard? Who knows. Even , and flipping are registered under … Blizzard Entertainment on October 2007. Whoa?

On the Spain NIC Registration Blizzard Entertainment also shows up after searching for the whois data of, and

Another itching questions would be … will Blizzard mimic their late May 2007 worldwide excitement-roar originated from Seoul, South Korea? You know, that time where they announced Starcraft 2 officially.  Will Blizzard announce Diablo 3 at the upcoming 2008 Worldwide Invitationals on Paris, France this June?  Hmm …

We will have to wait and see. Crosses fingers and toes.

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