Bill Roper Proud of WoW Success

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Bill Roper told CVG how proud he feels to have worked on World of Warcraft and to see how it has succeeded after his departure on 2003 from Blizzard North.  I personally miss the old good days with Roper teasing Blizzard fans in those video interviews.  And who can forget Roper’s voice acting: Zug, Zug. Me happy. Stop poking me! Ahh, the nostalgia. (Read More)

No one at Blizzard ever expected World of Warcraft to become the phenomenon it has, according to Bill Roper.

“I remember a meeting at Blizzard where we were hoping we’d be able to sell a million copies of the game”, Roper, former Blizzard North employee and now Flagship Studios CEO, has told CVG in an interview.

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