Beyond the Real Life - A World of Warcraft Fan Film

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Kazo, who interviewed Richard A. Knaak in Slovakia on behalf of Blizzplanet, informed his film production team has released a new video teaser of their comedy/parody film project titled Beyond the Real Life.

“Beyond the Real Life’s short story talks about a warrior character named Tank who meets a beautiful Night Elf priest – Earie, immediately feeling sympathy for one another. And it wouldn’t be a World of Warcraft story without a trans-factional conflict. Earie gets kidnapped by hordish evil mage – N33d2g3tl41d, in an attempt to get something valuable that Tank holds in his inventory. Tank sets out for a journey to find and save Earie with his gay-ish paladin sidekick – Bubbleballs.”

The video teaser gives you a mere glimpse of what the film looks like, but I can tell you … it looks cool.  It is not a normal machinima using WoW character models.  It is a merge of World of Warcraft and real-life actors and special effects. Check out 16 screenshots below.

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