Beta Contest Winners: Keys arriving now

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One of the winners confirmed to have gotten one of the beta keys given in our contest. So check out your emails and junk mail.  Those who submited their info within last 7 days will take a bit longer.

Welcome to Burning Crusade closed beta and thanks for participating.

UPDATE: Many are reporting to Blizzard issues when installing the beta client.  After the last retail patch, the folder structure changed.  If you install Burning Crusade closed beta client, you will find errors where the client can’t find some MPQ folders.  Blizzard is aware after many forum posts at the closed beta forum:

A possible workaround is to create a new folder and rename it. Then install a new copy of World of Warcraft from your DVD installer.  Install all patches up to 1.12 and then run the Burning Crusade beta insttaller.  Download the Beta patches thereafter.

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