Babylon 5’s Katsulas Dies

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This may not have anything to do with Blizzard Games, but as you may read in the Staff section, I am an avid fan of Star Trek and Babylon 5, among other Sci-fi shows prior to getting into Starcraft.  I don’t watch much TV ever since 2001.  However, this deserves a mention, and this was my favorite character in Babylon 5 . . . Fans of his will miss him.  Be in peace.

Andreas Katsulas, the character actor known to SF fans as G’Kar on Babylon 5 and a familiar face playing as Romulan Commander Tomalak in Star Trek: The Next Generation and other SF&F TV shows, died Feb. 13 of lung cancer in Los Angeles, his agent, Donna Massetti, confirmed to SCI FI Wire. He was 59.

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