Authentication Upgrades

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Blizzard is working to address the performance issues caused by the latest patch.  The Authentication system will be upgraded to enhance the service.  Make sure to read the time the upgrade will be implemented to plan out your real life schedule. Source: Official Wow Forums

Ordinn: “We will be performing hardware upgrades to our authentication system tomorrow, May 23, starting at 1:00 AM PDT and lasting until the end of our regularly scheduled maintenance at 11:00 AM. Players may experience problems when trying to log in to the game before the realms come down for maintenance. Account management, new account creation, and parental control features will be unavailable during this time.

Customer Support Impact:

  • The in-game petition system and the GM staff will not be available to take player petitions from 1:00 AM PDT to 11:00 AM PDT.
  • Billing & Account Services telephone support will be unavailable from 9:00 AM PDT until maintenance is complete.

During this time, we will be migrating the existing data from our current authentication platform over to the new hardware. Please keep in mind that this is a new system, and there may be minor issues with our authentication system when the realms go live 11:00 AM. We will be watching the new systems performance closely, and will keep you informed if any issues arise. Thank you for your patience during this time.”

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