Arena Team LFG/LFM Tool

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ArenaArc is a new LFG/LFM website that helps you find arena teams and teammates that meet your server/size need. It was created to be a simple and easy to use solution to combat trade channel LF team’s spam.

The website makes it very easy to join:  A very simple sign-up form followed by your character’s name and server. ArenaArc then gets your characters stats and gear for you automatically from the WoW Armory website. You are then free to add your character to LFG/LFM in each team size. Your character will then be instantly added to the list of users on your server.

With a large user base, ArenaArc will be a powerful way to find the exact teammate or team that meets your needs.

  • Visit ArenaArc to test its features or sign-up.
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