Alert - Wrath of the Lich King Beta - Strength

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This is an alert to all fans who have a Hunter and Shaman, because I know how it feels to spend time and resources.  It is your choice whether to or not wait until expansion retail.  From the Shaman forums of the Wrath of the Lich King beta forums comes dire news concerning how Strength stats work. Shamans and Hunters who are leveling up at this point, or will get upgrade loot in upcoming raids may want to reconsider how to spend gold and resources when it comes to gems and enchantments as Strength won’t be of much help to you once the expansion is on sale.

Malan: I happened to roll my mouse over the Agility line of the char screen and was surprised that it says I’m gettting 250 Attack Power from Agility and I definitely have more AP than I do on live with the same gear. (I am not spec’d into Mental Dexterity so its not Intellect doing it)

Anyone able to verify this?

For reference: with my full kit on my AP shows 1888. I remove the exalted hyjal ring (29 Agility and 60 AP).
My AP on the char sheet drops to 1799, a difference of 89. 29 + 60 = 89. Its definitely giving me AP for my agility. Further quirkiness: Only getting 1 AP from strength. I think Blizzard just fundamentally changed our class and didn’t tell us. =(

Koraa (Blizzard): Sorry about that, it should of been in the patch notes. The idea is for DPS mail (with AGI and AP) to be viable for both Hunters and Shaman. Strength is mostly now only a stat for Death Knights, Warriors and Ret Paladins.

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