ActivisionBlizzard 2008 Non-E3 Press Conference LIVE

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11:49pm / 8:49pm
Two months ago, on May Activision and Vivendi Games/Blizzard had announced their membership cancellation from the ESA, basically pulling off E3 as well.  Suddenly, in recent hours it was announced a ActivisionBlizzard press conference would take place today in the evening.  As Gamespot, IGN and Kotaku’s auto-updated blogs said, the press conference just ended with the Neversoft Band playing onstage.  It is quietly disappointing to not have seen Blizzard up there to promote Wrath of the Lich King and Starcraft 2, or at least play the Diablo III Teaser. The ActivisionBlizzard press conference has wrapped up without any Blizzard game.

11:28pm EST / 8:28pm PDT
Gotta love how Gamespot and IGN are updating the live blog every two minutes. Right now ex-Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker to play out the drums kit for Guitar Hero World Tour. I can imagine Blizzard will come to stage at some point.  ActivisionBlizzard is stealing the freaking E3 show Press and attention big time!

11:00pm EST / 8pm PDT
Gamespot has a reporter at E3 streaming a Live blog that auto-updates your page with new info from the floor at a restaurant near E3 where ActivisionBlizzard is holding a press conference with a massive screen.  A lot of Activision games have been showcased already. We are awaiting any news from Blizzard Entertainment games.  Specially Diablo 3 or the unannounced Next-Gen MMO. It is unknown whether the unannounced game might be revealed here however.

We will update anything new that is reported by Gamespot and other websites.  For now, if you wish to stand alert, visit the Live Gamespot E3 Watch blog. Your page will auto-reload showing new updates every few minutes. IGN also set up a Live blog just now. Kotaku also added a nice auto-updater blog that makes a sound when a new entry is made. He is typing every minute or two it seems.

Thus far they have shown the latest Wolverine Film game, Guitar Hero’s latest game,
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion, a simultaneous James Bond game/film release, and Spiderman: Web of Shadows trailers. With ActivisionBlizzard’a merger complete last week, this being their first Press Conference, and Blizzard Entertainment being the main jewel in said merger, that means there is a great chance a Blizzard game video or press panel could roll there at the end of the press conference.

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