3 New Burning Crusade Wallpapers

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Blizzard released three new Burning Crusade Wallpapers during the second day of E3 2006.  The first wallpaper is the same artwork shown in a huge mural at Blizzard Booth 1224.  It shows a female Blood Elf casting greenish Fel magic at a Draenei Paladin who replies with Holy Light.  You can view the Libram hanging off the Draenei Eredar’s chest, indicating its Paladin philosophy and beliefs in the Holy Light.  The second wallpaper shows as Eredar artwork with a landscape of the Starting Location: Azuremist Isle—northwest of Kalimdor, where Draenei start at Level 1. The isle is somewhat south of Teldrassil and west of Ashenvale. The glyph above the Draenei suggest a Holy aura; a race trait: Inspiring Presence – Increases chance to hit with spells by 1% for all party members within 30 yards.  In the landscape can be seen what looks like the Draenei Dimensional Ship.

The third wallpaper shows a very cool artwork of Illidan in his current demonic incarnation. Download all three Wallpapers.

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