2009 New York Comic Con: Are you Going? Chris Metzen is Coming !!!

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Chris Metzen

The New York Comic Con is barely 3 weeks away (February 6-8) and I am starting to get excited. I went there last year and met Richard A. Knaak for the first time, met Marco Palmieri (Pocket Star Books), Susan Hale (Tokyopop) and some of the Tokyopop editors. It’s always fun to meet Anna Maria Mannino (Upper Deck). Sadly, Upper Deck, Fantasy Flight Games and Sideshow Collectibles aren’t coming this year to the New York Comic Con. I got confirmation from them and have kept contact with various companies and writers a month in advance.

Jim Lee

On the bright side, Keith R.A. DeCandido (Starcraft Ghost: Nova) and Jim Lee (World of Warcraft Comic Book, Wildstorm) are coming to the event. Tokyopop, Pocket Star Books and DC Comics are confirmed to be at the event as exhibitors. The most important reason for all fans to come down to the New York Comic Con is sort of an exclusive not many know about—Legendary Chris Metzen (Blizzard’s Vice-President of Creative Design) is book signing at the Pocket Star Books booth (# 1402). Chris Metzen is also autographing at the DC Comics booth at certain hours. I will provide a full schedule once it becomes available.

DC Comics, Inc.  booth 1641
Pocket Star Books   booth 1402
Tokyopop booth booth 1621

Make sure to bring your Blizzard novels and comic books and a camera. As I was writing this post, I just got confirmation from Pocket Star Books that I will be interviewing Chris Metzen. Feel free to submit your lore or development questions for him (any game IP) by posting here; or emailing me here.

Jim Lee will be signing World of Warcraft comic books on Friday, February 6th 3:00

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