1up Preview- Starcraft II @ San Diego Comic Con

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The 1up.com folks got a four-hour Starcraft II hands-on at San Diego Comic Con as an exclusive.  They mostly played Protoss vs. Protoss, but got to see some Terran action on a demo. They have a video interview with Dustin Browder and Chris Sigaty.


  • Some units have been removed from the game to give way to new ones. The Firebat got axed.

  • Command Center moves, lift-off, lands swifter and may be upgraded into a Planetary Fortress causing damage to ground units.
  • Techlab – Barrack Addon allows production of high-tech infantry, and of nuclear reactor. The Techlab shares synergy with the Barrack and Factory.  You can lift-off and land any of both buildings on the techlab platform.
  • Bunkers – they are back on Starcraft II
  • Sensor Dome – detects enemy units approaching in fog of war, by highlighting the units, but it doesn’t lift fog of war. Probably detects incoming stealthed units.
  • High Yield Mineral Field – Yellow minerals available in low supplies. They yield 12 minerals per cycle, whereas normal minerals yield 8 per cycle.
  • Battlecruiser – got an upgrade to Plasma Torpedoes.
  • Banshee – An air-to-ground unit which can cloak itself and is recommended to cloak within viking groups.  Banshees only do damage to ground-units and lacks air-to-air attacks.
  • Thor – Attacks air and ground units, but moves very slow.  However, the Thor has a lot of hit points.  Can be built by an SCV. Recommended to stay in the back of your ground assault. The Thor has a very long range of attack, and can be used to destroy Reavers before they get anywhere near your troops or base.
  • Cobra – Air hover-tank able to attack air and ground enemy-units.
  • Ghost – They have better hit points, faster re-fire rate and mobility. Ghosts can call down a “drop pod” on the field, to bring in units, by using its laser-sight to designate the drop-pod landing spot.


  • Twilight Council – required to research Immortals and Stalkers.

  • Robotics Facility – requires a Twilight Council.  Robotics Facility can research the following units: Phase Prism, Observers, Reavers and Colossus. Observers and Reavers require a Null Circuit however.
  • Colossus The unit is built from the Robotics Facility, but requires a War Beacon building.
  • Warp Beacon – Requires a Robotics Facility and researches upgrades for the Colossus.
  • Null Circuit – Requires a Robotics Facility.  Null Circuit allows the production of Observers and Revears.  It also researches upgrades for the Observer, Reaver, and Phase Prism. Gravitic Booster: Observer movement speed. Gravitic Drive: Phase Prism movement speed.  And scarab damage upgrade.
  • Idle Unit Button – Like in Warcraft III, now your harvesting units will display an idle unit icon onscreen to alert of units that are idle.  By clicking the button/icon they resume their harvesting.  You can assign the Nexus, Hive or Command Center to select a target, such as the minerals, and your harvesting units will automatically gather minerals.
  • Stargate – Requires a Twilight Council.  It can warp in Phoenix, Tempest, Warp Ray, Star Relic and the Mothership.
  • Fleet Beacon – Requires a Stargate.  The Fleet Beacon is required to warp in Warp Rays and Star Relics.  It researches Gravitic Thrusters to increase Phoenix movement; Apial Sensors to increase the sight range of Phoenix; and Detonate upgrade for the Star relic will cause it to explode after a short time.  Sounds like Kamikaze against enemy units.
  • Cybernetics Core – Requires a Twilight Council.  This building is used to upgrade weapon and armors of the Zealot, Stalker, Immortal; as well as upgrades for air units.  It also provides the “Charge” upgrade on Zealots, “Blink” for Stalkers, “Hardened Shield” for Immortal which decreases damage by single targets by 10.  The Cybernetics Core also upgrades air weapons for the Phoenix, Warp Ray, Tempest and interceptors: level 1-3.  Sounds like a good target for enemies to wish to destroy at all costs as a strategy.  The Cybernetics Core also upgrades armor level 1-3 for Phoenix, Warp Ray, Tempest and Interceptors.
  • Templar Archives – Requires a Cybernetics Core.  It is needed to warp in High Templars, and to research upgrades such as the Psi Storm and Khaydarin Amulet (Max High Templar energy increases by 50).

Check out their full 4-pages preview.

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