How to get to Pandaria at level 85 (Horde) Video

No wonder Garrosh is on the bullseye of the Horde in Mists of Pandaria. This is no longer the Garrosh some love and/or despise. He’s more ruthless, and bossy. He’s worsened several notches as you might read in the video below.

The premade character copy feature has been disabled at the account page. You can try and prove me wrong. Normal characters copied from live realms into the beta server — for some reason have no access to the Pandaria quest that sends you there.

      Update: Seems beta testers are ONLY allowed to test level 1-85 pandas or [any race] monk characters, or test the new skill system with their copied live characters. Until further notice — do not attempt to enter Pandaria. The men in black are watching — and they love to swing lightning bolts.

This quest works similar to how players had access to Twilight Highland quests. You must go to Warchief Garrosh Hellscream or King Varian Wrynn. Curiously, without a quest, when you approach their throne room an in-game cutscene cinematic kicks in. You can see your character walking into the throne room, and text appears at the top of the screen (no voiceover yet).

A goblin reports the latest accounting report. Garrosh has imposed crazy arrears (debt tax) to all the race members of the Horde including Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon City, Undercity. Curiously, the Echoe Isles and Azhara aren’t mentioned.

Garrosh is concerned about the loss of one ship attacked by the Alliance near the mists. He orders Nazgrim to recover his ship at all costs. Someone or something important to Garrosh was aboard. He refers to it as his special cargo. He’s very upset that this ship is lost. After the cutscene, you can see Nazgrim at the zeppelin tower. The cutscene for the trip to Pandaria should kick in when you accept Nazgrim’s quest, but it’s currently unavailable for the Horde. The Alliance version is enabled (Alliance video in one hour).

New Druid Form Glyphs Video – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

As Eldorian highlighted in our Mists of Pandaria press event coverage, the Druids get a very nice set of new glyphs which grant new forms.

First, I have to specify there are only two types of Glyphs now: Major and Minor. The prime glyphs were removed.

The video below will show the Orca, Stag, Treant, and Astral form. The Treant glyph adds an icon to the Shapeshift forms UI letting you shift into treant any time you wish. The Astral form seems to be a placeholder. Currently, in early beta it only transforms the druid into a ghost using a more light-blueish Shadowpriest glow. When the druid mounts a flying mount the mount also has the Astral form. The Stag and the Orca look fun.

The chameleon glyph basically makes your druid shapeshift into a different-colored cat form every time you shift. The bear version is not yet implemented in beta. It might be added at a later beta patch.

Mists of Pandaria – Pandaren Monk Level 1-12 – 280 Quest Dialogue Screenshots

Took a lot of screenshots through level 1-12 at the Wandering Isle with a female Pandaren monk. Lot of lore spoilers here. I posted 45 screenshots — the best I handpicked. However, I took 280 screenshots of all the quests and dialogues. You got two options: Check out the 45 screenshots below, or — If you don’t mind spoilers, you can download our screenshots folder (133MB, ZIP).

We love you too!

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Level 1 Livestream

I’ll livestream the Pandaren Monk gameplay experience from level 1-10. (Livestream is over, but saved. Watch the video)

Playing a level 1-12 Pandaren female was a cool experience compared with other classes and their start location. There are many animations still missing that will be implemented later on throughout beta testing.

The way of the monk is mostly jab skill (clobber) and Tiger Palm from level 1-9. At level 10 you can choose to be a Brewmaster (Tank), Mistweaver (Healer) or Windwalker (Dps).

The scenarios are lovely with a lot of asian architecture and flora variety. The starting location quest experience seems linear from point A to B. Something I liked is that you no longer need to walk long distances to return to the quest giver NPC. Often the NPC comes to you when the quest is finished, or the NPC moves to a location near you to facilitate transitions from quest to quest.

The same NPCs interact with you throughout your journey around The Wandering Isle. You must help the Master Shang Xi search for four elemental spirits to help him understand what ails the land. The name Shang Xi is a history reference — a Chinese mural and scroll painter during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). In Marvel Comics, Shang-Chi is the Master of Kung-Fu and regular guest in The Avengers, Heroes for Hire, and Spider-Man.

The initial Pandaren Monk quests have you gather handwraps to start your training, and hitting punching bags. Later, players fight other trainees. The Master Shang Xi sees promise in you, and move you to help other NPCs with tasks.

Master Shang Xi is dying and it’s time for new generations to learn the way of the Monk. The monk is asked to snatch a flame from his hand. It was a bit tricky, but you must hover the cursor over his hand until the cursor icon changes. Click the flame, and your hand now carries the flame.

      The Lesson of the Burning Scroll

      The fact that you were able to stach the flame so easily is no small feat.

      The Edict of Temeprance is a scroll of wisdom passed down from my eldeer’s elders. Wisdom from a more peaceful time.

      Every lesson has its time and place, and with darkness on the horizon, the time for this particular wisdom has passed.

      The burning of the scroll is an acceptance of tidings to come and a promise to action. Your hand carried the flame, and I suspect that it will continue to do so in the future.

Most of the quests send players to help search and take the four ancient spirits (water, earth, fire and wind) to the Temple of Five Dawns. These ancient elemental spirits NPCs have a very strong japanese influence. They look like chibi characters you might find in manga and anime; and they are cute with childish voices.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Female Pandaren Character Creation

The character creation screen has changed in Mists of Pandaria. After choosing the race and class, you must click the “next” button. The character skin color and face screen comes up. On the right side, you can see a tab with several options. You have a preview frame for each available option. It’s far easier to remember your settings than just clicking an arrow button to the left or right as it’s been these past years.

The left side has all the black female pandaren options, the right side has all the redish model options. Something to note is that the black model has no tail. The red model has a tail. Check out the video (720HD available)

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta Client Available

I just checked my account, and lo and behold, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria client is available for download.

More updates later. By experience, servers won’t be up for a while. The client installer is available, but when it attempts to connect to the beta installer download the connection drops. Blizzard might be working to have all setup. Beta download might start tonight or tomorrow depending on whether there are unforeseen technical issues.

I LOVE BLIZZARD!!! Be ready for a big time update on Blizzplanet.

10am EST – Boub said in twitter: To fix your MoP beta installer, rename “WoW-5.0.0-Beta-enUS-Installer.exe” to “World of Warcraft Beta Setup.exe” — I personally did as he suggested. Worked like a charm. Eldorian and I are Downloading already. ^_^

10:15pm EST – 17.5 GB to download. It’s going to be a long night for those with a slow connection. Cries! That’s me.

Thu March 22th, 1:10am EST – Seems you might need around 32 GB hard drive space to install Mists of Pandaria beta. It’s likely copying some files from the WoW: cataclysm folder. Launched the partial game, but servers are still down.

Blizzard Prepares to Launch World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta Testing Soon

    Note: This was posted around 1:30am EST (New York) / 10:30pm (PST)

Blizzard Entertainment announced plans to launch beta testing of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. There’s no ETA at the moment, but it won’t be long before we hear news. Blizzard encourages players to double-check their Account page’s Beta Opt-In feature.

If you are among the thousands of fans who joined our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or vBulletin forum — and stuck around, we love you. So much that when we get Mists of Pandaria beta keys to [giveaway], you’ll be the first to know. It’s coming fellas! Time to play the game and experience it beyond the pandas rant. There’s much more to enjoy.

    We’re very close to beginning beta testing for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria! Over the course of the beta test, we’ll be inviting Annual Pass holders, press, fansites, friends and family, and opt-in beta testers to participate. As there’s no NDA for this test, you’re likely to start seeing lots of screenshots and new video around the web. Please keep in mind that the game is still in development, and what you’ll see during the beta test is not necessarily representative of the final game.

    If you’re wondering how you can help us test Mists of Pandaria, or how the test works, look no further than our FAQ here.


        If you’re wondering how you can help us test Mists of Pandaria, or how the test works, look no further than the paragraphs directly below this one.

        How do I opt-in?

        Once you’ve set up a® account and have attached at least one Blizzard game, you can choose to opt in to our beta tests from the Beta Profile page. You’ll need to select which franchises you’d be interested in helping test, as well as download and run the System Check tool to attach your computer’s specifications to your beta profile. Once that’s complete it’s simply a matter of waiting for an invite.

        How will I know if I’m selected?

        We’ll send you an email letting you know when you’re selected, but please be aware of phishing attempts. Some unscrupulous individuals send out falsified emails purporting to be from Blizzard, but are in fact meant to steal your login credentials. For more information on how to identify these emails please refer to our Security site. One easy way to ensure your invite is legit is to avoid clicking on links in any invite emails you receive, and instead log in to your account and see if you have a Mists of Pandaria beta license attached. If there’s no license, you can be sure the email you received was not from Blizzard.

        I am participating in the World of Warcraft Annual Pass promotion; when do I begin testing?

        We’re inviting Annual Pass holders in waves over the course of the beta test, and will be ramping up the number of invites we send as quickly as possible. We’ll be inviting Annual Pass holders based on several factors, including how long your World of Warcraft account has been active and when you signed up for the Annual Pass. Keep an eye on your account and email for your invite to join the beta test.

        How many players do you plan to invite to the beta test?

        Our primary focus will be ensuring that all of the players who signed up for the Annual Pass are invited over the course of the beta test. The number of additional players we invite will be based on our testing needs. If during the course of testing we determine we need more players to participate, we’ll invite more.

        Is there an NDA?

        There is no Non-Disclosure Agreement for the Mists of Pandaria beta test. Those invited to play are free to take screenshots, movies, or stream the game content. Please be aware that the game is very much still a work in progress, and we appreciate your understanding when you encounter bugs, graphical errors, or other issues.

        How long will the beta test last?

        We have not determined an exact date for the end of the beta test. We’ll post a notice when the beta test is nearing completion.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Occupy Orgrimmar, Take out Garrosh!

Rally up my brethren! Let the trolls cry their anger and dwell against cute Pandas. [Sorry, my fellow trolls, I didn’t mean the Darkspear trolls, I meant the other kind of forum trolls]

While forum trolls do their thing, we — true heroes — shall go to war. That’s what Mists of Pandaria is all about.

We’ll raze the Alliance fortifications, we’ll fight for blood and honor, we’ll be the best at what we do with pride.

When all is said and done, we’ll turn our attention to he who has brought shame to the Horde. The Warchief Garrosh Hellscream shall fall. For our ancestors!

Are you Alliance, whelp? Though, I pity you, my heart is not deaf to your legendary feats. You fight with strength and honor. Rise your weapons, and take out our common enemy.

Join our cause. Take to the streets. Tweet your battlecry: @chrismetzen @blizzplanet #OccupyOrgrimmar – take out Garrosh!

To learn more about Occupy Orgrimmar watch our video interview with Chris Metzen.

image by Eldorian

Blizzard Blog: A Night in Mists of Pandaria

After the gates of Mists of Pandaria info were opened through the press event, Blizzard updated the Mists of Pandaria website with some extra cool info and media.

In addition, Bashiok posted a new blog article titled A Night in Mists of Pandaria.

This article is a bit of a teaser with Bashiok telling a progression story about his personal gameplay.

There are bits of info there that are worthwhile. For example:

  • New cooking specialization.
  • More archeology dig sites per zone.
  • An archeology artifact used to teleport? Huh?
  • Wands and Staves made via Inscription profession?
  • New cooking, fishing and archaeology faction daily quests.
  • Elder Tokens: Used to purchase items, convert Elder Tokens into Valor Tokens, or to buy some sort of reset that allows you to have access to another round of loot table from a downed boss you were saved.
  • Per-player-loot via Raid Finder
  • Dungeon challenges and PvE Scenarios reward Valor points.
  • Proving Grounds are lored-up solo instances.
  • Trained Pets (Pet Battle System) can be sold in the Auction House
  • Outdoor PvP daily quests
  • Two new Battlegrounds: Temple of Kotmogu (Uldum) and Silvershard Mines (Stranglethorn Vale)
  • New Mounts hidden around in Pandaria
  • Farmville comes to Pandaria: Build your farm, get neat stuff by cultivating your garden including a pet
  • Raise a cloud serpent pet into a mount (20 days of daily quests)
  • Build historical library with the Lorewalker faction

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Pandaren Race Gameplay

Blizzard gave us access to the starting Pandaren area (The Wandering Isle), and we were able to play through with any of the Pandaran classes. I created a female Pandaren Monk and got to play through The Wandering Isle. Not too much has changed since BlizzCon, but it is still a fun experience. Blizzard has taken their experience from the Cataclysm’s starting zones and applied it here creating a very awesome, unique, and detailed starting zone for Mists of Pandaria.

The female Pandaren is a beautifully done model, and I think many players will enjoy playing as the female Pandaren. Most of the facial customization models were very ‘cutesy’ and the animations were solid. It will be something to look forward to in the Mists of Pandaria beta.

Some of the unique quests included fighting with other monks while keeping your balance on beams and jumping from beam to beam (which was accomplished by clicking on the beam itself). There was a lot of story behind all the quests as well, as you went through various areas to get the different alemental types (elementals made of ale).

A fun element in the opening area for Pandaren were the pools that change the player character into a different animal while standing in the pool, like a frog or a crane.

The Monk is fairly unchanged since BlizzCon, as well, as it still is a class with quick cooldowns, although now it appears that the Monk outputs white damage. We were unable to 100% confirm this. The Monk has really fun play mechanics such as a kick that shoots the Monk through the air for a long time that looks like it will be retuned before release because of the amount of people I saw killing themselves with that skill.

The Pandarens are an awesome addition to World of WarCraft, and the ability to choose your faction later on, is a pretty unique mechanic which I think most players will enjoy.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Overview of the Blizzard Press Event

Blizzard invited the press to show off the progress on Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard’s newest expansion for World of WarCraft. The general feel for the event emphasizes lots of content for max level players (90 for this expansion). There wasn’t any shocking news from the event, but I feel the big reveal and takeaway from it was when Chris Metzen revealed the final raid for Mists of Pandaria, and that it would take place in Orgrimmar and have both the Alliance and the Horde taking down Garrosh Hellscream.

They overviewed the expansion as a whole, with Metzen explaining that this is the perfect expansion for WoW at this time. It’s a perfect “throttle off” chapter for WarCraft, and Pandaren are an idea that they’ve thought about for many years (WarCraft 3: Frozen Throne, Samwise’s artwork, etc.).

Dave Kosak and Cory Stockton overviewed the zones then detailing the seven zones that players will be playing through in level 85-90. The Jade Forest is the first zone everyone will be going through and it’s an expansive forest zone where all players will be starting their adventures in Pandaria.

New features in Pandaria, include the scenario feature, which is an extension of group quests. They showed a very rough UI of the scenario feature where you would be able to queue up with two other adventurers, and you are not required to have a tank or healer to be able to start it. Queues should be very quick to hop in.

The pet battle system, also announced at BlizzCon, is being designed to not feel mandatory. It’s completely optional. The first mini-game for World of Warcraft. There was a rough animation shown in-game between Arthas and Illidan fighting with various WoW pets. They announced that it wouldn’t be ranked and would be anonymous (i.e. you wouldn’t be able to communicate with your opponent).

The Dungeon Challenges UI was also shown off showcasing leader boards, and three tiers of rewards; bronze, silver, and gold. Rewards for clearing all dungeons at each level include achievements and titles for bronze, transmog gear for silver, and an awesome epic cool mount. You will be able to sort by your realm and then by your guild, which should promote competition within the server.

Ghostcrawler went over the talent system, which hasn’t undergone any major renovations since BlizzCon and the new talents don’t add player power directly. There is a new item “Tome of Clear Mind” which is used to clear out glyphs and talents now. It also appears that there are only two tiers of glyphs now, Major and Minor and Prime glyphs have been removed and some moved into the Major glyph category.

Overall the expansion looks packed with content for everyone including the casual and hardcore alike. There will be nine level 90 heroic dungeons (Six new dungeons, and three revamped old world dungeons, including Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery), three raids with 14 bosses total with three difficulty levels (looking for raid, normal, and heroic).

They overviewed two new battle grounds: Silver Shard Mines, a Venture Company Mine at the center of a mine depot in Stranglethorn Vale, where mine carts head off on each rail line. Three are going one at a time, and each faction tries to claim it before it reaches the end. Along the path, there are rail line changers which allow you to alter the path of the carts. Think of this as similar to a payload map in Team Fortress 2.

There is also the Temple of Kot Mogu in Uldum, with a new gameplay type where players carry an ancient artifact and gain points for their team. You get a damage buff while holding it, but you also receive reduced healing and receive damage over time. Different areas of the map are worth more points, such as the center being worth the most, but you are most exposed. This battleground will be available to players in the upcoming beta.

There is a ton of content coming out for players in Mists of Pandaria, a new continent, tons of max level content in dungeons, pet battles, challenges, scenarios, daily quests, raids, and PvP content. There looks to be a lot of content that will be available to players at the beginning of the expansion with a variety of gameplay types that will fulfill the wants and needs of the player base.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Press Event – Blizzplanet Coverage

Blizzplanet network manager Eldorian and our friend DJTyrant attended the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria press event held in Irvine at Blizzard Entertainment to bring you today this coverage.

Mists of Pandaria Press Kit

We will start with the juicy details given to us in the press kit which contained the Fact Sheet, FAQ, 24 screenshots, 4 B-roll videos, and 5 concept art images.

Blizzard Entertainment provided us four new B-roll videos showing off the Scarlet Monastery & the Scholomance Heroic Dungeons, and some of the Pandaria dungeons. Watch all four videos:

Blizzplanet Articles

Blizzplanet: Developer Interviews

Blizzplanet staff met several fellow fansite and press members. Here’s a list of some of these websites who attended the Mists of Pandaria press event.

Fansites & Gaming Sites @ Press Event

Blizzard posted a list of press sites who attended the event.


World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Scarlet Monastery & Scholomance Video

Blizzard Entertainment revealed three new Heroics based on the classic Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance dungeons will be available in the upcoming World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion.

Each dungeon has new bosses, and a new story to tackle at level 90. This video shows a few glimpses of locations and bosses within these dungeons. The music theme seems to suggest these new dungeons are pretty tough.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Press Event – Blizzplanet Interviews Dave Kosak

Eldorian interviewed Dave Kosak (Lead Quest Designer, Mists of Pandaria). Eldorian forwarded several questions provided by our forum community. (Duration: 19 minutes) — Note: sound technical issues. Rise your volume if possible. Will add the transcript during the week.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Valley of the Four Winds

The Valley of the Four Winds is a farming zone for the Pandaren. This is where the legendary Stormstout Brewery dungeon is explored by adventurous players.

This video shows you some of the creatures and scenarios of the Valley of the Four Winds, and a close glimpse into the Stormstout Brewery currently taken by the monkey-like Hozen, and a Hozen boss.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Press Event Screenshots

Blizzard provided several Mists of Pandaria press screenshots at the press event. We want to share them all with our loyal visitors.

Alliance group fighting Hozen in Stormstout Brewery

Alliance group with Chen Stormstout at start of Stormstout Brewery

Armsmaster Harlan in Scarlet Sanctuary at Scarlet Monastery

Boneweavers channeling spell at Chamber of Summoning in Scholomance

Hozen fishing on coastal islands in Krasarang

Grummle on a path in Kun-Lai Summit

Hozen at Camp Nooka Nooka in Jade Forest

Hozen in Jade Forest

Inner courtyard inside Jade Temple

Jade Temple in Jade Forest landscape

Lava cave in Stranglethorn Vale Diamond Mine Battleground

Nighttime outside The Temple of the Jade Serpernt in Jade Forest

Pandaren female at lake dock in Valley of the Four Winds

Pandaren Hunter with Turtle Pet in Wandering Isle

Pandaren Monk in Jade Forest

Pandaren Monk with a Mirror Strider at Glassfin Lake in Jade Forest

Pandarens fighting Desperate Mortbreaths at Nayeli Lagoon in Krasarang

Shen-zin Su turtle of the Wandering Isle

Smoky Porcupine in Jade Forest

Summoners and Skeletons in Scholomance

Tiger statues on bridge at Shado-pan Hideout

Uphill path through mountains in Wandering Isle

White Verming with explosives in Stormstout Brewery

Yaungol in Kun-Lai Summit

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Fact Sheet

Alliance warships prowl the seas. Horde armies thunder across Kalimdor. Tensions between these factions edge closer to erupting in a savage war that threatens to consume all of Azeroth. Against this backdrop of impending conflict, an uncharted island mysteriously appears…

Shrouded in fog since the world was sundered more than ten thousand years ago, the ancient realm of Pandaria has remained unspoiled by war. Its lush forests and cloud-ringed mountains are home to a complex ecosystem of indigenous races and exotic creatures. Will the mists of Pandaria part to reveal the world’s salvation… or will the battle to control this breathtaking new land push the Alliance and the Horde over the brink into total annihilation?

Blizzard Entertainment’s Mists of Pandaria, the fourth expansion for World of Warcraft®, unveils an entirely new continent for players to explore and reintroduces the enigmatic pandaren as a playable race. All but the bravest pandaren explorers have been hidden from the world for thousands of years. Now, in the aftermath of the Cataclysm, Pandaria’s wandering heroes are stepping forward to declare their allegiance to either the Alliance or the Horde.

Mists of Pandaria also introduces an exciting new player class: the monk. Pandaren masters will share the extraordinary secrets of their ancient martial arts with members of both the Alliance and the Horde. Depending on how they choose to channel their energy, monks can be effective at dealing damage, tanking, or healing.

Even more content and features await as players journey to the new level cap of 90, including flexible scenarios for smaller bands of adventurers, challenge modes for fearless dungeoneers, and strategic companion pet battles.

Key Features

  • New Playable Race — Pandaren: Decide whether to side with the Alliance or the Horde as World of Warcraft’s first neutral playable race, and explore their unique starting zone: the Wandering Isle.

  • New Playable Class — Monk: Unlock the secrets of pandaren martial arts and do battle as a damage dealer, healer, or tank.

  • New Continent: Explore the lush Jade Forest, treacherous Kun-Lai Summit, and other exotic new zones of Pandaria designed for high-level characters.

  • Scenarios: Join up with some friends to achieve a common goal, such as mounting a defense against invading monsters, in a flexible new type of PvE challenge.

  • Dungeon “Challenge” Modes: Master the ultimate 5-player time trial and earn prestige rewards in a new dungeon mode that will put your resolve and coordination to the test.

  • Pet Battles: Challenge other players’ companion pets with your own collection in a new tactical mini-game. Level up your companions and discover pets in the wild to round out your roster.

  • Level Cap Increased to 90: Learn potent new spells and abilities while exploring uncharted zones and taking on challenging new content.

  • New Talent System: Customize your character to suit your play style with the newly overhauled and improved talent system.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria FAQ

What is World of Warcraft®: Mists of Pandaria™?

Escalating tensions between the Alliance and Horde have broken out into open warfare. The roar of cannons blacken the sky while naval engagements around the globe fill the seas with blood. As the clash of mortal armies spins the world into chaos, a continent — once shielded by impenetrable mists — suddenly manifests itself in the southern oceans. There’s no question that this resource-rich new land will be at the center of a global conflict. Will the Mists of Pandaria part to reveal Azeroth’s salvation? Or will this new battlefield become the flashpoint that pushes the Alliance and Horde over the brink into total annihilation?

Mists of Pandaria is the fourth expansion set to Blizzard Entertainment’s critically acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft. The new expansion opens up an exotic new land for heroes to explore and provides a wide variety of exciting new features and content that will give players even more ways to enjoy the game.

For info on the story and lore of Mists of Pandaria, including background on the pandaren race, key characters and factions, and the history of Pandaria, see the Lore & Story section later in this FAQ.


What are the features of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria?

The new expansion introduces a wide variety of new features and systems, including a new continent, new race, new class, and more:

  • New Playable Race — Pandaren: Decide whether to side with the Alliance or the Horde as World of Warcraft’s first neutral playable race, and explore their unique starting zone: the Wandering Isle.

  • New Playable Class — Monk: Unlock the secrets of pandaren martial arts and do battle as a damage dealer, healer, or tank.

  • New Continent: Explore the lush Jade Forest, treacherous Kun-Lai Summit, and other exotic new zones of Pandaria designed for high-level characters.

  • Scenarios: Join up with some friends to achieve a common goal, such as mounting a defense against invading monsters, in a flexible new type of PvE challenge.

  • Dungeon “Challenge” Modes: Master the ultimate 5-player time trial and earn prestige rewards in a new dungeon mode that will put your resolve and coordination to the test.

  • Pet Battles: Challenge other players’ companion pets with your own collection in a new tactical mini-game. Level up your companions and discover pets in the wild to round out your roster.

  • Level Cap Increased to 90: Learn potent new spells and abilities while exploring uncharted zones and taking on challenging new content.

  • New Talent System: Customize your character to suit your play style with the newly overhauled and improved talent system.

What is the monk class? How does it differ from other classes in the game?

The monk is a martial arts expert who excels in close-quarters hand-to-hand combat, and can fill the role of a tank (Brewmaster), damage-dealer (Windwalker), or healer (Mistweaver), depending on a player’s chosen specialization. Monks build up energy through a combination of punches, kicks, and other basic martial arts moves, and then expend it to unleash powerful special moves, such as finishers or potent heals. As with most classes in the game with the exception of death knights, monks begin their journey at level 1.

Which races can be a monk?

Since coming into contact with members of the Horde and the Alliance, several of Pandaria’s masters have begun to teach their new allies the secrets of their ancient martial arts. Currently, every race except goblin and worgen can learn the ways of the monk.

At what point do pandaren characters choose which faction to side with?

Pandaren who strike out to explore the world outside their homeland begin their journey on the Wandering Isle (a new starting zone for pandaren characters level 1 to 10), where they face a number of trials — and meet with a number of characters from both the Alliance and the Horde — before arriving in Kalimdor or the Eastern Kingdoms. Pandaren remain neutral through most of their Wandering Isle quests, but before they leave, players will need to make a crucial decision whether to permanently side with the Alliance or the Horde. After that decision is made, the character will be treated just like any other member of their chosen faction in cities, on quests, and in character interactions. Choose wisely, because once your decision is made, it’s irreversible (except through the Faction Change service).

Which classes are available to pandaren players?

Currently, pandaren can choose to be hunters, mages, priests, rogues, shaman, warriors, and — of course — monks. Pandaren are not able to become death knights, druids, paladins, or warlocks.

What end-game content will be available for players at level 90?

One of our primary design goals for Mists of Pandaria is to give players a wider variety of content and different types of gameplay to enjoy once they reach maximum level, in addition to the Heroic dungeons, raids, and daily quests that they’re used to. To that end, we are introducing three major new features in the new expansion — scenarios, challenge modes for 5-player dungeons, and companion pet battles — and focusing on improving the end-game experience you’re familiar with.

Here’s just some of the content we’re working on for players to enjoy once they reach level 90:

  • A huge variety of daily quests to choose from, with dynamic stories that change and progress as you complete quest content over time

  • Multiple group-based scenarios that players can run in addition to dungeons to earn Valor Points and gear

  • 9 dungeons, including six brand-new Pandaria dungeons with normal and Heroic modes, and three new Heroics based on the classic Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance dungeons

  • Challenge modes for the six new dungeons designed for players looking for the ultimate test of their dungeon-delving skills, complete with suitably epic transmogrifiable rewards

  • A variety of new factions to join forces with, offering unique gameplay mechanics and rewards

  • 2 new Battlegrounds offering different styles of PvP gameplay and objectives, along with a new Arena

  • 3 raids featuring epic encounters with sinister new villains, each with Raid Finder, normal, and Heroic modes

And more… Our goal is to deliver a huge variety of content for level-90 players to enjoy, at launch and beyond

What are Scenarios?

Scenarios are a new type of PvE challenge designed for groups of as few as 3 or as many as 25 players, depending on what is appropriate for the content. Scenarios require players to band together to complete a specific goal. For example, you might be asked to help a pandaren brewmaster complete her masterwork brew in the midst of a lightning storm, and then escort her to a nearby temple against a howling rain and persistent assault. Once there, you’ll use the powers of her new brew to help defeat a boss and his minions.

Although there are no specific class requirements, players will need to work together to accomplish each scenario’s unique objectives. Scenarios will be instanced, and we’re designing them to take about 10 to 30 minutes each to complete. We’re also planning a “Scenario Finder” similar to the Dungeon Finder and Raid Finder that will make it easy for players to quickly find a group.

What are Challenge Modes for 5-player dungeons?

Challenge mode is a new, advanced mode for 5-player dungeons designed for players looking for the ultimate test of coordination and skill. In challenge modes, players are tasked with trying to complete an existing 5-player dungeon as quickly and skillfully as possible. Depending on how well the group does, players will receive recognizable prestige rewards such as mounts, pets, titles, achievements, or special armor artwork that can be used with transmogrification to customize a character’s appearance. The inspiration for challenge modes comes from events such as the 45-minute Baron Rivendare runs in the original Stratholme dungeon, or the timed Zul’Aman dungeon run for the Amani War Bear.

We want challenge modes to be a test of player skill and not of player gear, and so the stats on all players’ armor and equipment will be normalized to a set level upon beginning a challenge. As a result, players will have the same chance at victory whether they are wearing quest rewards or Heroic-raid-level epic items. Regardless of equipment, challenge modes will remain just as challenging at the end of the expansion as they were at the beginning.

What are companion pet battles?

In Mists of Pandaria, we’re adding a new tactical mini-game that allow players to pit their roster of companion pets against other players’ pets (or against special creatures you come across in the wild) in strategic, turn-based combat. Pets will level up as they earn combat experience, and each companion will have its own set of stats, such as attack and defense rating. As pets level up, players will be able to choose which abilities their pets will learn, each with its own tactical merits. During a pet battle, players will be able to swap companions out strategically depending on which pet they’re facing or what abilities might come in handy against a given foe.

Players will be able to hunt for approximately 100 wild pets across all of Azeroth, each with randomized stats and levels. Players can further customize their pets by giving them names. We’re also planning a number of other features, including a Pet Journal showing where and how to capture wild pets, pet-battle-specific achievements and stats, and a way to queue for PvP battles.

Pet battles are meant to be completely independent from your character’s main progression, and the rewards won’t offer additional advantages in regular PvP or PvE situations such as Battlegrounds or raids — though they should help pass the time while you’re waiting for your group to recoup from a particularly nasty wipe.

What’s in store for dungeons and raids?

Every raid in Mists of Pandaria will include three difficulty levels: normal (10- and 25-player), Heroic (10- and 25-player), and a specially tuned third mode accessible via the Raid Finder (25-player only) designed with pick-up groups in mind. We’re very happy with how many players have been able to experience the Dragon Soul (patch 4.3) raid content — especially the climactic boss encounter with Deathwing — following the release of the Raid Finder, and we’ll continue to provide higher difficulty levels for players looking for the most epic challenges and rewards.

At launch, we’re planning to have six brand-new dungeons (with normal and Heroic modes) as well as three new Heroic modes for classic dungeons, including two based on Scarlet Monastery and one based on Scholomance. We’re also planning three raids at launch featuring a host of sinister new villains and epic encounters with ancient evils that have been hiding in the mists for millennia.

What are the new zones?

The continent of Pandaria will consist of seven enormous zones for players level 85 and above, and new pandaren players will begin their adventures in a unique starting zone separate from the pandaren homeland. Since our original unveiling of Mists of Pandaria at BlizzCon, we’ve added two additional zones for players to explore — Krasarang Wilds and the Dread Wastes — substantially increasing the continent’s size (we didn’t simply split up existing zones) and expanding the diversity of Pandaria’s already wild and varied landscape. Here’s the breakdown of the zones, along with their current working names:

  • The Jade Forest: High-level adventurers will make landfall in the lush Jade Forest, where they’ll meet some of Pandaria’s indigenous races, such as the fish-like jinyu and monkey-like hozen.

  • Valley of the Four Winds: Featuring rolling green hills and lush pandaren farmland, the Valley of the Four Winds is where travelers will find the legendary Stormstout Brewery.

  • Kun-Lai Summit: Amid this treacherous, icy mountain terrain, players will encounter the Shado-Pan, a clandestine sect charged with keeping one of Pandaria’s darkest secrets.

  • Townlong Steppes: Here, a tremendous wall separates Pandaria’s verdant forests and plains from the desolate wasteland left in the wake of the ravenous, all-consuming mantid.

  • Krasarang Wilds: A dense strand of jungle occupying Pandaria’s southernmost shore, the Krasarang Wilds are home to lost ruins and a chain of dangerous islands.

  • Dread Wastes: The mantid homeland, now overrun by the Sha of Fear, has been corrupted into a horrifying wasteland of swamps and scorched earth. Players will have to fight their way into the lair of the mantid queen herself to rout out the source of the corruption.

  • Vale of Eternal Blossoms: This lush valley in the center of Pandaria hosts a secret power dating back to the time of the Titans. The city complex at its heart will be players’ home away from home, but max-level players will need to defend it against constantly changing daily threats.

  • The Wandering Isle: Pandaren adventurers looking to explore the world outside Pandaria begin their journey here, on a mysterious island that never seems to settle in the same place for too long.

What changes are being made to the talent system?

We are making a couple of major changes to how class specializations and talents work in Mists of Pandaria. First, your specialization is now completely independent from your talent choices. When you reach level 10, you will still choose one of three specs (e.g. Discipline, Holy, or Shadow priest) to determine your role, play style, and which signature abilities your character has access to. In addition, you’ll receive more of your spec’s defining abilities as you level up.

Secondly, the talent system has been redesigned completely. At regular level intervals (at level 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90), players will now be able to choose between one of three very powerful talents. All three specializations will have access to the same three talent options, and our goal is to make sure that these talent choices are appealing to all three specializations with no obvious “must-have” options for any of them. For example, level-15 warriors will be able to choose one of three movement-related talents: Juggernaut, which permanently lowers the cooldown of Charge; Double Time, which lets the warrior Charge twice before incurring a cooldown; or Warbringer, which knocks the target to the ground and stuns it following a Charge. Once you choose a talent in a specific tier, the other two talents are locked out from your talent build, even when you reach the next talent tier. We want players to be able to change their talent build independently of their specialization, and without visiting a class trainer. This new system is designed to provide players with hundreds of distinct and meaningful options for tailoring their character’s gameplay to their specific desires and situation.

If you want to get a feel for how the system will work, check out the Mists of Pandaria talent calculator on the official World of Warcraft website. There you can create a talent spec using the latest in-development talent trees for your favorite class.

Why is the talent system going through an overhaul?

As with the talent-system redesign in Cataclysm, our goal is ultimately to give players more meaningful character-customization options and to eliminate “cookie-cutter” talent builds. We were only partially successful in realizing that goal in Cataclysm, as many talents still felt mandatory to a given specialization, and some talent choices in the trees were still not particularly interesting or exciting. By giving the benefits of the previously “mandatory” talents to players automatically as part of their specialization choice, and allowing any specialization to choose any given talent, we hope to be able to give players much more significant and interesting decisions to make about their character.

Will players be allowed to fly in Pandaria?

Upon arrival in Pandaria, players will be restricted from flying until they reach a certain point in their quest progression. While the ability to fly is a great convenience for players once they have completed content, we can provide a much more enjoyable, rewarding, and varied questing experience if players are (mostly) grounded while the story of Pandaria unfolds.


How will the story of Mists of Pandaria unfold?

Offering a unique change of pace from the globe-trotting chaos of Cataclysm, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria focuses on the exploration and potential colonization of a single, massive new continent. The adventure will unfold over a number of stages:

Mists of Pandaria: The “out of the box” expansion experience focuses on the discovery and exploration of Pandaria. Both Horde and Alliance players will have to try to swing the locals to their side of the conflict… but their actions will bring unforeseen and disastrous consequences. Devastating “Sha” energy, a physical manifestation of negative emotions that has been locked away for thousands of years, is brought to the surface once war comes to Pandaria’s shores. The battle to win over the hearts and minds of the pandaren takes on a new urgency as the darkness of the Sha plunges the land into chaos. Among other things, Sha energy infects the ferocious mantid, triggering a horrific swarm. Meanwhile, Mogu warlords reconnect with their ancient Zandalari allies in an attempt to recapture their former imperial glory. Far from Alliance and Horde resupply, players must solve these local problems while learning about the enigmatic pandaren race… and a little about their own nature in the process.

The Pandaria Campaign: Beginning shortly after the release of Mists of Pandaria, a series of content updates will advance the story of the Alliance and Horde campaign on the new continent. The campaign will kick off when the fleets arrive and claim Pandaria’s southern shores, permanently altering the area. As King Varian Wrynn struggles to unite the Alliance for a meaningful counter-attack, Garrosh Hellscream will battle to turn the disparate parts of the Horde into a frenzied killing machine. Telling a complete story arc, the Pandaren Campaign will climax in a raid that will reset the balance of power in the world of Azeroth.

Who are the pandaren?

The pandaren are an ancient, intelligent race who have been cut off from the world at large since the time of the great sundering that split apart the continents of Azeroth.

If a single trait could sum up the pandaren culture, it’s that they live in the moment. They embrace life with gusto. A pandaren does everything with vigor, focus, and intensity. Every meal is an event. Every moment with the family is cherished. Every project or work of art demands their full attention. Every nap is treated as if it will be the last! The pandaren work hard, play hard, fight like animals, love with all their soul, tell impossibly tall tales, drink like they mean it, and sleep like the dead.

On the whole, pandaren are slow to anger and prefer measured solutions to problems. But underneath all of that practiced civility, there is a bear to contend with. When a pandaren focuses on combat, each blow rings with the weight of his or her entire body. Living “in the moment” also means getting lost in the fury of combat; a pandaren monk in the midst of battle has fists like wrecking balls and a roar that can be heard from horizon to horizon.

However, it takes a great deal to get a pandaren wound up. On mainland Pandaria, negative emotions such as fear, anger, or despair can literally take on a physical form and stir up trouble. For this reason, pandaren emphasize and cultivate a quiet life of inner harmony and focus. Conflicts, no matter how bitter, are quickly forgotten over cold drinks once the matter is resolved. The pandaren sense of inner peace and love of life is infectious. Spend any significant time with a pandaren and you, too, can’t help but get lost in the moment.

Why has Pandaria been hidden this whole time?

A veil of impenetrable mists has cloaked Pandaria since the time of the Sundering and the reign of the last pandaren emperor. Previously, ships entering the mists have lost their bearings and spun about aimlessly before returning to the open ocean. As for the pandaren, they looked out toward the mist-veiled seas and many presumed that the rest of the world had perished in the Sundering.
Sometime in the wake of the Cataclysm, the mists abruptly vanished. Alliance and Horde naval fleets, engaged in skirmishes around the world thanks to the new Warchief’s aggression, suddenly found a new continent where once charts showed open seas. With both factions escalating their feud into a global conflict, the war for Azeroth shifts in a new direction.

Why did the mists collapse at this crucial moment in world history? The answers revolve around the will of the last emperor, and lie at the heart of this strange new continent…

What is the pandaren starting zone, the Wandering Isle?

Many generations ago, a particularly bold pandaren named Liu Lang set out to see what was beyond the mists by setting sail upon the back of a giant sea turtle. As the turtle grew, so did Liu Lang’s desire to explore the world. Others joined him, until eventually a whole colony of pandaren explorers travelled the ocean, living atop the expansive “Wandering Isle.” Although the Wandering Isle hasn’t made landfall in many years, those who live there are still ignited by the spirit of adventure.

Chen Stormstout is a native of the Wandering Isle, as are any players who choose to create pandaren characters. They are a rare breed, on the whole far more adventurous than their land-locked and long-lost relatives on mainland Pandaria.

Will all of the pandaren join the Horde or the Alliance?

Just as it’s comparatively rare for a pandaren to be struck with an urge to wander the world, it’s rarer still that one would feel compelled to align oneself with a faction such as the Horde or Alliance. Only those who are convinced these factions are the key to healing Azeroth would even consider pledging their allegiance to one faction or the other.

The decision to join a faction comes at great personal cost, as any fellow pandaren who join the opposite faction — including friends or relatives — will likely never be heard from again. Pandaren who choose to align themselves with the Alliance or Horde do so because of shared values and personal beliefs regarding their overall worldview and the best way to move forward after the Cataclysm.

Guiding the decision to join a faction are two competing pandaren disciplines that are prominent on the Wandering Isle. Those who follow the path of the Houjin are impulsive, quick to action, and practical. Houjin disciples feel that the ends can justify the means, and they may find like-minded compatriots in the Horde. In opposition, followers of the path of the Tushui are more contemplative, focused on abstract ideals of justice and morality. Students of Tushui believe that a principled life is the only one worth living, and may find that the stalwart Alliance aligns more closely with their beliefs.

Every pandaren player will need to make this difficult decision early on in their adventure. The vast majority of the pandaren population, however, will continue to follow the traditional path of isolationism and neutrality.

Who are the pandaren leaders or figureheads for the Horde and Alliance?

After the climactic events on the Wandering Isle, two pandaren monks will travel with players to the rest of the world to spread the wisdom of the pandaren.

Aysa Cloudsinger is a follower of the path of Tushui. She believes in living a venerable life through meditation, rigorous training, and moral conviction. Described as graceful and poised, Aysa has attained impeccable form and a refined intellect through diligent practice. To Aysa, to follow the way of Tushui is to defend what is right above all else. She believes that success in any endeavor never justifies dishonorable deeds. While the Alliance contains a diverse mix of cultures, Aysa is attracted to the high ideals and values that cement the Alliance together.

Ji Firepaw, a follower of the more direct Houjin philosophy, is adamant that inaction is the greatest injustice. Ji holds that it’s honorable to defend home and family no matter the cost. Outgoing, passionate, and not one for deep thought, he is always the first into the fray. Ji finds himself attracted to the scrappy practicality that defines the Horde. Although it will cost him dearly, he will decide to carry the Horde banner when he leaves the Wandering Isle.

Do the pandaren have a history of interaction with the Horde and Alliance?

Pandaren wanderers are very rare, but the deeds of a few are recorded in recent times. One brave soul that spirited his way into the annals of Azerothian history was the brewmaster Chen Stormstout. Warcraft III players may recall his chance meeting with Rexxar in the game’s bonus missions, where he worked together with Thrall to found the new orcish homeland in Durotar. Later, he accompanied heroes such as Vol’jin and Jaina Proudmoore to liberate Theramore and protect the fledgling Horde from annihilation. Never one to stay put for long, Chen moved on, always seeking new ingredients for the perfect brew. Players will be able to catch up with him as he resumes his adventures on the pandaren mainland.

What’s the story behind the pandaren monks?

Nearly 12,000 years ago, the empire now known as Pandaria was ruled by a monstrous race of warlords known as the Mogu (see below). Mogu taskmasters forbade their slaves to carry weapons. During these dark times, pandaren monks tried to lift the spirits of their beleaguered brothers and sisters. They were the storytellers, the brewmasters, and the healers who helped knit their oppressed society together in the midst of darkness.

As the Mogu empire began to fray, the pandaren saw an opportunity for a revolution. Because they had no weapons, they trained common people to fight with their unarmed fists and feet. They mastered the use of positive energy — or chi — to empower themselves. The revolution itself was a bloody affair that shattered an empire and left a terrible toll among combatant and civilian alike, but ultimately the Mogu were overthrown and a new empire was founded.

Although pandaren monks have since incorporated weapons into their attacks, they remain focused on chi as a source of power and are still devastating when fighting with open hands. In the wake of events on the Wandering Isle, pandaren monks will travel to key places throughout Azeroth to share their wisdom with young Alliance and Horde trainees.

What sorts of local threats will adventurers face on Pandaria?

Just because Pandaria is isolated doesn’t mean the continent is at all peaceful. Looming dangers, new and old, threaten to overwhelm the empire as players arrive.
The Mogu are an ancient race of monstrous warlords who founded the first empire through conquest and oppression. They enslaved nearby indigenous races and used their labor to build structures of awe-inspiring majesty, some of which still stand. Masters of flesh-shaping magic, they assured their dominance through cruel experimentation. Only by mastering unarmed combat were the ancient pandaren able to overthrow this terrible regime. After the mists collapse, the remaining Mogu get together with old allies and attempt to retake the empire that their ancestors founded.

The Mantid are an intelligent and highly evolved race of insect-like creatures who have menaced the people of Pandaria since prehistoric times. While their society has a queen, they don’t operate as a hive mind. Mantid act with individual cunning, making them formidable in single combat and unstoppable when their numbers converge. Every mantid generation, the young hatch in incredible numbers and then swarm toward the rest of Pandaria, devouring anything in their path. Only the strongest return. Although the ancient mogu managed to protect their lands by building a gigantic wall between themselves and the mantid, the generational swarms require an all-hands defense of the wall or the very heart of Pandaria will be lost.

Finally, Sha is a dark energy unique to Pandaria, a legacy left behind by the last pandaren emperor. Fear, doubt, despair, anger, violence, and hatred are all emotions associated with the Sha — emotions that can manifest themselves physically if left unchecked. Unwary mortals can become possessed by negative Sha energy, becoming embodiments of pure anger or fear. When the Alliance and Horde bring their war to the shores of Pandaria, these negative emotions threaten to engulf the continent.

What other new races will emerge from Pandaria?

After millennia of isolation from the rest of Azeroth, several unique indigenous races have developed alongside the pandaren on the ancient continent.

Ferocious and impetuous, the hozen are a short-lived race. They have their own uniquely filthy language and a determination to always improve their station, no matter how inept their efforts. While the pandaren respect their tenacious hunger for life they’re also wary of the chaos created by such recklessness. The ever-expanding hozen are often the bane of the nearby jinyu, and it’s up to the pandaren to play the role of reluctant peacekeeper.

The industrious and amphibious jinyu dam the rivers in order to create lakes around which they make their home. The jinyu live under a rigid caste system, with warriors and priests chosen at a young age. Many of the jinyu elders are Waterspeakers. Placing a staff into the river, these sages listen to the knowledge of the island as it flows downstream. Any events that touch the rivers will make their way down to the jinyu, giving the Waterspeakers a connection to the future. While the pandaren balk at the overly rigid structure of jinyu life, they hold in great reverence this power to gain insight into what’s to come.

The cloud serpents are an intelligent race of dragon-like beings inhabiting the island. They exist in a wide array of shimmering colors. Some may be the bright green of the treetops through which they fly, while others may be the sparkling blue of the stream or the shocking crimson of flame — their beauty always complementing their beloved land. Pandaren will often raise the playful creatures from hatchling to adulthood, as their cleverness and speed make them excellent mounts. While a handful have become corrupt or dangerous, the vast majority coexist happily with the other inhabitants of the island.

Other unique races include the dangerous lizard-like saurok, the superstitious diminutive grummles, the obnoxious scavenging virmen, or the ferocious nomadic yaungol tribes.

What new factions await adventurers in Pandaria?

The Shado-Pan: The bravest and most disciplined of pandaren fighters, the Shado-Pan were established by the last Pandaren emperor to act as guardians against the negative Sha energy that permeates the continent. Part of their duties also involves manning the mighty wall that protects the pandaren homeland from the dangerous mantid race. They welcome the assistance of any who have the bravery and skill to aid them in their sacred charge.

The August Celestials: Four powerful ancestor spirits have always watched over the lands of the pandaren: Yu’lon the Jade Serpent, Xuen the White Tiger, Chi Ji the Red Crane, and Niuzao the Black Ox. Each of their four temples will call on the service of bold adventurers.

The Golden Lotus: Nestled in the center of Pandaria is the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, an ancient place of great power that’s been around since the time of the Titans. The Vale and its magical waters were once used as a weapon by the Mogu, and after their overthrow it was decided to seal off the vale from any intruders. The Golden Lotus is an order of pandaren priests and fighters who defend and maintain this sacred land. Members are specifically chosen at a young age by one of the four August Celestials.

The Klaxxi: Keepers of the mantid culture, these stoic mantid lords have determined that their own queen has been corrupted and must be destroyed. Although wary of outsiders, it may be possible to earn the trust of the Klaxxi, gaining access to their unique arms and armor.

Order of the Cloud Serpent: This order of flying warriors was founded long ago, during the Zandalari wars. Gain their favor, and they’ll reveal the secrets of training a cloud serpent to become a loyal mount.

The Lorewalkers: This peaceful faction has been charged with safeguarding pandaren history and culture. Intrepid explorers can win their favor by collecting historical artifacts from around the world.

Artisans: Many Brewmasters have wandered the world in search of exotic ingredients to expand their craft, while the Tillers and Anglers are simple farmer and fisher folk, respectively. These three factions are the backbone of civilian life on Pandaria, and offering assistance to these artisans will reap great rewards.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Level 85 Gameplay in Pandaria

Blizzard gave us pre-made level 85 characters to use for leveling through the Jade Forest with fairly high level gear (Firelands normal raid gear). The quests started off with sieging the coasts of the Jade Forest and having to put out fires that started during the assault and killing off some of the invaders. You then are sent on various tasks to help rescue some of the lost members of the Alliance.

The initial quests used some pretty heavy phasing as I tried to group with some of the other press members and immediately we were in separate phases, only a few quests in. The quests were varied though and brought in a variety of gameplay elements similar to the quest design in Cataclysm.

There wasn’t anything that stood out as far as questing in the first few hours of questing in the Jade Forest, but it felt more like an extension of Cataclysm design and very well done as quests were in Cataclysm.

While this wasn’t talked about or announced, we saw in the version of Mists of Pandaria that we were playing on that the character creation screen was completely revamped. While we don’t have any screenshots, the new interface breaks down their character creation into multiple screens where you first select your race and class, also included in the bottom right was a video box, which we assume will be showcasing the character class you select, currently the WoW intro video was there as a place holder.

You then select how your character looks, and instead of like before, there is a visual representation for the options you have to change your characters look (ie. you have all the options laid out visually for you in a preview box instead of having to select each one to see what it looked like). While it wasn’t fully implemented, the idea was there and it looks gorgeous and it is a huge improvement over the previous character creation interface.

Overall the new leveling area (which is unique for horde and alliance players) looks to be a good leveling experience for new and veteran players. With what they detailed in the expansion as far as end game content there will be a long time before there is shortage of things to do for players. I am definitely looking forward to the new experience in Mists of Pandaria.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Screenshots

Blizzplanet and other sites eagerly expect the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Press Event Coverage’s NDA to be lifted. While we wait for this countdown, here you have some Screenshots of the Day released in the past few days. Our press event coverage will be up on Monday, March 19th at 3:01am EST (New York,-5GMT), 12:01am PST (California).

Seek the Signal – World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Warlock Green Fire Questline

Seek the Signal

The soulstone shards fuse together easily in your hands.

Strangely, no soul is stored within the stone. Instead, the stone seems to be drawing power from somewhere in Shadowmoon Valley. Looking east, you feel the power linked beyond the mountains, to the very gates of the Black Temple.


Follow the soulstone to the gates of the Black Temple.


As soon as you get near the sewer entrance (used for the Black Temple dungeon) you will see a message onscreen.

(Head to the Entrance of the Black Temple: 1/1)


Do not enter the Black Temple dungeon. Stay outdoors. Instead, keep moving to the end of the path. By the central wall is a skull insignia. The mark of Jubeka Shadowbreaker.



Jubeka’s soulstone has lead you to the Black Temple. The only thing left to do is to find a way inside …


Seeking the Soulstones – World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Warlock Green Fire Questline

Seeking the Soulstones

Warlock trainer: (Name), take this – the journal of Jubeka Shadowbreaker.

Read the journal and use the information contained within to track down where she went.

Find her soulstones and use them to locate her.

… One thing strikes me as odd though … don’t you Warlocks already have the books she’s claiming to have in her possession? Bah, I never did understand Warlocks.



Read Jubeka’s Journal and use the clues within to locate the four soulstone fragments.

Jubeka’s Journal

This document contains the daily journal of one of the master Warlock trainers. The pages are filled with random notes, the occasional drawing of an imp’s internal organs and the occasional tidbit on the preferred diet of felhunters.

Near the end, an entry catches your eye …

Day 26

It has been nearly two weeks since Kanrethad and I arrived in Outland. Almost immediately afterwards, he departed for Shadowmoon Valley. I didn’t bother to ask why, as long as he doesn’t get himself killed.

My research here in this dusty wasteland continues as drudgingly expected. While the Legion’s onslaught has subsided, a number of the rarer demon specimens remain.

Day 28

The fel imps of Felspark Ravine in Hellfire are remarkably chatty. I’ve discovered that they’re just as easy to contract into service as their names are to learn. The ritual to summon one is trivial, at best.

Voidlords are rather difficult to stumble across, but it takes very little persuading to convince one to divulge the name of a rival lord.

I have wondered once or twice if Kanrethad will ever return, but in the end, it doesn’t actually matter. The council can put me to death, so long as my grimoires last, so will my legacy.

Day 32

While examining the nauseating Ruins of Farhlon today in Netherstorm, I was ambushed by a race of floating eyeball squuids. Calling themselves observers, they were unexpectedly intelligent. They expressed a deep desire to bear witness to all forms of magic and willingly offered their services in exchange for the opportunity to consume new forms of magic.

The ritual to summon an observer is unexpectedly complex. While natives of the great dark beyond, they are highly migratory and the summoning ritual must compensate for their travels. Without their willing assistance, summoning an Observer would be nearly impossible.

Day 35

Kanrethad returned, looking incredibly grim. Considering his undisciplined technique, it should be no surprise that his research has been less than successful.

I’m ready to attempt the binding of a higher order member of the burning legion, but I dare not attempt the ritual alone. In fact, perhaps Kanrethad would prove the perfect test subject …

Day 36

Remarkable! My first attempt to summon a higher order member of the legion failed as spectacularly as planned. The shivarra broke free almost instantly after Kanrethad completed the ritual.

I expected the frail human to be struck down while I banished the creature. Instead, in the instant that the Shivarra’s razor-sharp blades sliced through the air, Kanrethad’s form shifted and the blades bounced as if striking stone.

Unlike the typical form of metamorphosis, he did not complete the demonic transformation … perhaps his research has been more successful than I expected.

Day 40

The key to binding a wrathguard was ironically reducing the number of runic symbols used in the summoning circle. Wrathguards are highly resistant to charms and compulsions, but readily respond to basic expressions of strength.

Kanrethad was unexpectedly insightful into the conditioning the legion uses to compel the wrathguard into action. His ability to express his dominance over lesser demons is remarkable, if short-lived. With great pains, I’ve been able to inscribe the forms he uses to summon multiple demonic servants at once.

Unfortunately, while he can bind two lesser demons indefinitely, I can only do so for a short time.

Day 47

We left a few ogre corpses in our wake, but studying the ritual circle of Vim’gol revealed additional ways of bolstering our power using demonic sacrifices. While the act greatly enrages our demonic servants, fusing their life energy to our own provides a dramatic increase in power.

With a little experimentation, I discovered that the more closely linked you are with the demon you sacrifice, the greater the power of the ritual.

Kanrethad’s ability to restrain his demonic transformation seems to have reached a plateau. Once again, his lack of power disgusts me. Things that would be trivial to most Warlocks take him an eternity.

Day 50

At Kanrethad’s insistence, we headed for the Altar of Damnation in Shadowmoon Valley. He seems to be convinced that there’s more to the Hand of Gul’dan than just a show of power.

I’m not convinced, but at this point my Grimoires are complete. I don’t understand his obsession with controlling the flow of demonic power granted by his transformation.

While he plays around with ancient altars, I intend to try my hand at opening a gateway to conjure many wild imps at once …

Day 60

Kanrethad is up to something. To say that I’m concerned about our next move is a dramatic understatement.

(A ragged note is drawn onto the back cover of the leather journal)

I’m convinced there is no chance that we will return from this next adventure alive. There’s simply no way I can take the risk that my Grimoires go unread. For that reason, I’ve contracted the imps to leave four fragments of my soulstone at the locations listed in my journal.

I’m sending this journal to you, my trusted friend, that should the need to locate me arise, you bring the four stones together, find my body and ensure that my grimoires are brought back to Azeroth.


Jubeka Shadowbreaker


Note: The Jubeka’s soulstone fragments can be found at:

  • Felspark Ravine (Hellfire Peninsula) – east of Thrallmar
  • Ruins of Farahlon (Netherstorm)
  • Vim’gol’s Circle (Blade’s Edge Mountains)

Hellfire Peninsula

The first soulstone is found at the Felspark Ravine. It’s on the ground.



The second soulstone is found at the highest area of the Ruins of Farahlon. Clicking the soulstone will trigger a memory reenactment.

Ruins of Farahlon Memory

Jubeka Shadowbreak: Such strange creatures. Why do they remain so long after the legion has left?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: … there’s a slight flaw in that supposition.

Jubeka Shadowbreak: Oh?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: The Observers were in the service of Illidan … not the legion.

Jubeka Shadowbreak: Well, he’s gone too … so why are they still around?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: How should I know?

Jubeka Shadowbreak: Well, I’ve spent weeks trying to understand how to summon one of these things. If you know something I don’t, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it with us “lesser” mortals.

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: What’s the problem? You handled the binding of the Fel Imps and Voidlords effortlessly.

Jubeka Shadowbreak: They were trivial by comparison! These things are never in the same place. There’s something … strange about them … something out of place. Oh dear …

(Many Observers surround them)


Blade’s Edge Mountains

The next soulstone is found at the Vim’gol’s Circle — located south of the goblin bridge between Blade’s Edge Mountains and Netherstorm.

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: I tire of your evasive babble, doomguard. Explain to me why you and your kind are drawn to sacrificial magics.

Doomguard: My contract is to fight for you, not to reveal the legion’s secrets, mortal.

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: Do not attempt to deceive me, demon! Your kind far predates Sargeras’s betrayal. What WERE you?

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: This knowledge is useless … what are you trying to achieve, Kanrethad?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: STAY OUT OF THIS! The demon will answer, NOW!

Doomguard: What an odd demand. Not even my own kind care about our origins. Why should you?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: If you do not care then there is no harm telling me.

Doomguard: … before Sargeras freed us, we were the Titan’s hounds. Forever enslaved to police the use of arcane magics. Sacrificial magic was considered the greatest violation of life and we were attuned to instantly punish those who delved into such … delicious sorcery. You have your petty secret, Kanrethad. Now, I demand knowledge from you … why do you care?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: I don’t believe that is part of our contract. We are done here. Jubeka, complete the ritual.



Shadowmoon Valley

The next soulstone is found at The Altar of Damnation, where Gul’dan invoked the powers that caused the Hand of Gul’dan volcano to explode.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: What is it you wished to show me …?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: … I’ve seen the fear in yoru eyes, Jubeka.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: What …? No! I … I have … no idea …

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: Gul’dan destroyed this world in his bid for power … you’re concerned I will do the same to Azeroth.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: No! Stay back …! You … you’re dangerous. I remain content summoning demons, but you … you toy with becoming one yourself!

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: There are two sides to the blade of Demonology … the threats that besiege us from the outside … and those that threaten us from within. I chose you as my companion for a reason.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: And what depraved reason is that …?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: … If I fail, I need you to banish me forever.



You’ve collected all four fragments of Jubeka’s soulstone.

You just need to fuse it together now …


A Tale of Six Masters – Warlock Green Fire Questline – World of Warcraft Patch 5.2

A Tale of Six Masters

Sandahl: This book may be just the leverage we’ve been seeking …

How familiar are you with the Council of the Black Harvest, (name)?

After Deathwing was defeated, six of the greatest Warlocks gathered together to teach all Warlocks advanced forms of magic stolen from our defeated foes.

Take a look at the tome beside me …



Read the first chapter of the Legacy of the Masters.

Legacy of the Masters (Part 1)

Read, pupil, and know that I am called Jubeka Shadowbreaker, and it is my duty to share some of the wisdom of our order with those who have the skill to read this document.

After the fall of Deathwing, it was clear that the sorcery of the warlocks was sorely lacking in bite when compared to the threats facing Azeroth. So our council of six warlocks gathered to discuss how best to investigate the new magics witnessed by these threats.

At first, the six of us refused to cooperate, tossing blame and bickering as easily as shadowbolts and curses. Finally, after several nights, the human Kanrethad spoke out:

“In the wake of the Cataclysm, the rising tensions between the Horde and Alliance have driven the greatest heroes of Azeroth to train for war. Warriors have readied their war banners, the Death Knights of Acherus have learned to control the undead and it is even said the Mages are researching ways to undo time itself.”

“The relentless darkness which bathed Azeroth has been pushed back. Cho’gall is slain and the remnants of the Twilight’s Hammer cult have been scattered. Ragnaros is defeated and his armies forced back into the Firelands. Deathwing lies torn apart and his Twilight drakes obliterated. However, the powers they commanded are not so easily forgotten … powers untapped and ripe for the taking.

In fact, among us now stands several who have faced their power firsthand,” he said, pointing at a hooded figure across the room. A deep, sinister laugh echoed from the hood as it burst into flames and burned away to reveal the orc enchanter, Ritssyn.

“It is true, pink skin, I was there when the Firelord was vanquished. The intensity of his flame was unlike anything you can imagine.” The burning glow of Ritssyn’s eyes cast eerie shadows over his burn-scarred face and thick-tusked grin.

“Untrue,” spat a sharp, feminine voice. Shinfel, a Blood Elf adorned with sharp spikes of Twilight elementium, glared across the table. “Until you’ve been a prisoner within your own mind, you know nothing of horror.” Shinfel’s blood had been corrupted during the fight with Cho’gall and her arms were now covered in black marks left behind by the corruption that had erupted from her skin. The experience had only served to increase the intensity of her sadism.

Shinfel continued, “Even the Firelord’s flames were overshadowed by the raw chaos unleashed by the Destroyer.” She paused a moment and glanced to the worgen who remained eerily silent. Zinnin had been present when Deathwing was unmade and had not spoken a word since. Zinnin’s eyes narrowed for a moment, then snarled at Ritssyn.

Kanrethad stood up from the table and took a deep breath. “This is exactly why we are here. I have no love for any of you, but we each bore witness to pieces of even greater power. Imagine – if we fused the molten fury of the Firelands with the unstoppable chaos of Deathwing. Even the powers of the burning legion could not hold a candle to our flames!”

Ritssyn kicked his boots upon the table and snickered, “And just who would do this? You?” he spat. “I think not. You haven’t been seen in battle since the siege of the Black Temple. If it weren’t for having shared the secrets of Illidan’s transformation with this council, I would kill you just for having the audacity of summoning me.”

Kanrethad’s lips pursed for a moment, but he relaxed and continued. “No. The scope of this task exceeds the capabilities of any single member here. I propose this council split into pairs. Ritssyn and Zinnin would lead a group into Sulfuras. Similarly, Shinfel and Zelfrax would hunt down the remaining members of the Twilight’s Hammer cult and … persuade them to share what they learned.”

The pock-faced gnome applauded with mirthful glee.

Kanrethad continued, “Then we return … one year from now and take the results of our expeditions back to our own sects, more powerful than we would have been alone.”

Ritssyn frowned as he saw the greed drawn out in the human’s words dance across the council’s faces. “And what would keep us from simply killing our partner in their sleep once it was a success?”

Kanrethad’s brow frowned and he growled, “Which is why we swear that if any member of this council breaks the contract and fails to return or returns alone, the others shall strike them down and banish their soul forever. We either succeed together or die alone.”

Ritssyn was a powerful warlock, and could probably defeat Kanrethad by himself. But against all five of us? We all saw his hesitation. We all let our hands drift toward our scrolls and weapons.

“Fine,” Ritssyn reluctantly agreed. “I can play along with your fool’s errand, but first I must know, where will you and that miserable forsaken, Jubeka, be going?”

“Me?” spoke Kanrethad with a wicked grin. “Why I’m returning … to Outland.”

(Read Part 1 of Legacy of the Masters: 1/1)



Sandahl: You are now ready to learn more …


Reader for the Dead Tongue – World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Warlock Green Fire Questline

Reader for the Dead Tongue

Return to your capital city and seek out a warlock trainer who may know more about the codex.



Bring the codex to a Warlock trainer in your capital city.


Alliance warlocks go to the Slaughtered Lamb Inn in the Mage Quarter (Stormwind). Horde warlocks go to the Cleft of Shadows. Seems to be a random Warlock trainer. Visit trainers in other cities if you can’t find any in Stormwind or Orgrimmar with a yellow question mark above his head.


Sandahl: What … where in the great dark did you find this?


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