Wrath of the Lich King - Dalaran Coins Humor

Blizzard Developers have always been known for their easter eggs and humor. The fountain located on the southwest of Dalaran, by the Alliance bank area, can be the source of some funny findings. You would require fishing tradeskill. These are at least eight of the coins you can find there from famous Warcraft characters: Aegwynn, Prince Arthas, King Terenas Menethil, Stalvan, Tirion Fordring, Alleria, and … Teron Gorefiend.

Teron?  Yes, Teron.  For those who played Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal or have read World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal (pocket book), Teron Gorefiend was sent by Ner’zhul to Azeroth to retrieve three artifacts of power: the Scepter of Sargeras (Tomb of Sargeras), Book of Medivh (Alterac) and the Eye of Dalaran. Who would have known Teron would throw a wish coin on the fountain of Dalaran before departing with the black dragons? Thanks a bunch to Handclaw for providing these images.

Update: Ten additional coins have been found. Attumen the Huntsmen’s coin is hilarious. Check them out all 19 coins here.



Starcraft Patch 1.15.3 Released

MikeN from Blizzard Technical Support informed fans that Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War have been updated with patch 1.15.3 which fixes a few problems on Windows and Mac versions.

MikeN: We have just released a new patch for StarCraft! Just connect to Battle.net and the patch should automatically download. If you wish to download the standalone patch, please go to our support site here.

Patch 1.15.3 – Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a communication bug affecting third party leagues.
  • Alt-F6 no longer stalls the game on Windows.
  • Game now works correctly on versions of Mac OS X which do not support 256-color mode.

Thanks, Gunnar.

Class balance in build 8926

Blizzard has changed drastically some class balance spells and talents. On my paladin, Blessing of Kings for example used to take 10 points in Protection Talent Tree. Now you get access to Blessing of Kings on the first tier spending only 1 point in Protection, and four more points for enhanced Blessing of Kings. That saved me five points on Protection tree to use elsewhere.

Ghostcrawler: We have posted in many of the class forums already explaining why you saw so many changes to abilities and numbers this time around. The designers sat down and ran through every spell and talent in the game. We were looking for the following:

  • Mechanics that we didn’t think we’d be able to get working right. They might feel off or buggy. For some of these, it was time to change them and move on.
  • Talents that were confusing, trying to do too many things or just weird for some reason.
  • Talents or abilites that gave too much of one class’ special abilities to another class. This is a tough one. Sometimes an ability feels so useful that we need to spread the love. Other times we fear the classes are just blending too much together if everyone does the same thing.
  • Looking for talents or abilities that were under or over budget.

Let me explain that last part in a little more detail. We balance most of the game to a budget. We have an idea for example that a talent point should be worth around a 1% dps increase. For a variety of reasons, it doesn’t always work out that way and there are plenty of examples of talents that violate that goal—it’s not a hard and fast rule. But there were many talents that were doing too much for their cost. Talents that offer so much for their points quickly become mandatory. They may be fun in that you get a lot for your money, but they work against the design goal of being able to build a customized talent tree for your character. They also make spec parity or class balance a lot harder when there are these inflated numbers scattered throughout the talent trees. Some talents were under-budget and were buffed, but to be fair, most were over-budget, which is just the human nature of designers when we’re trying to come up with something cool and exciting.

What this patch was NOT was a comprehensive numbers pass. We didn’t nerf you because your healing, dps or mitigation was too good compared to other classes. We really don’t have enough data yet to make those conclusions (especially in PvP), but we’re getting more and over every day, both internally and from helpful beta testers.

What can you do? Get out there and try out the build. There are probably some cases where we nerfed an ability too far. These changes are not set in stone. The game isn’t done. Please try and be clear and concise in your feedback because that makes it a lot easier for the designers and community managers to quickly read your posts. If you lost an ability that you felt you desperately needed or were really excited about, that’s useful feedback.

We love all of the classes, and ultimately the best outcome from our point of view is for everyone to be excited to start leveling when Lich King goes live. That means giving you mechanics you’re excited about, but it also means not getting destroyed or totally outdone by other classes with talents or spells that are too good.

Hopefully the next patch or two will have more numbers changes to get everyone closer to parity. But I don’t need to remind you that this is a big, complex game, and it’s going to take some time.

Source: Beta Forums

Icecrown Glacier Opens in Wrath of the Lich King

The Icecrown Glacier region is now open in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King beta build 8926. The gates in Dragonblight have had a world event that changed the area.  The whole area surrounding the gates are now ablaze; and both Horde and Alliance NPCs are fleeing in horror. You can listen screams in real time and NPCs fleeing. At the front of the Icecrown Glacier gate is now no other than Queen Alexstrasza and Korialstrasz (Krasus) in dragon form.

The Icecrown Glacier region is just huge.  The architecture of various Undead Scourge buildings are a mix between gothic and bizarre made of Saronite metal ore. These saronite metal is said to come from the Old god Yogg-Saron (Forgotten One) that King Arthas had defeated in Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne (Read the map campaign transcript).  Same as Magtheridon, the Forgotten One did not die. Arthas the Lich King has kept him imprisoned to be the Undead Scourge’s saronite ore resource.

These are the biggest buildings ever in World of Warcraft found everywhere in Icecrown Glacier. Even the gates and bridges are gigantic. The Onslaught (formerly Scarlet Crusade) are now following Archbishop Landgren, servant of the Lich King. Their base of operations is an isle to the west: Onslaught Harbor. It holds a huge cathedral and their main fleet port.

On the far northeast is the Sindragosa’s Fall area, from where Arthas the Lich King rose the Frostwyrm Sindragosa back to life in the cinematic shown at Leipzig GC 2008. The main hub of quests for Alliance and Horde is a bit hard to spot.  The quest hub is aboard huge flying platforms … think of Marvel Comics S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier. There is a strong presence of Vykrul villages at the center and western coast of Icecrown Glacier. Watch the video below.

Beta Testers - Wintergrasp PvP Playtesting Today !

Attention all beta testers. Blizzard requires your assistance in beta testing Wintergrasp World PvP with this new 8926 build. This testing will take place today Thursday, September 11th in the evening. Read below:

Mumper: Hey Guys,

We would like to get as many of you as possible over to Wintergrasp for some playtesting that we can review on the server. We will be watching the games and resetting as necessary to get as much feedback as possible. We will most likely swap Alliance and Horde control a few times during the test and have the zone reset right away rather then waiting for the current timer.

The Playtesting will take place on Murmur so try to have your pre-mades ready to go. This will give us the most accurate feedback.

Server: Murmur
Date: Thursday, 9/11
Time: 7-10pm PST

I will make a seperate thread for feedback on Thursday after we finish the playtest.


WotLK Build 8896 - Obsidian Sanctum

On Wednesday evening Blizzard released a new patch of approximately 140mb size, updating Wrath of the Lich King to build 8896. I am installing it as I speak, at 90%.  One of the dungeons added is the Obsidian Sanctum. More soon.

The Obsidian Sanctum, also referred to as Chamber of Aspects: Black, is a raid dungeon with the portal located under Wyrmrest temple in Dragonblight.

This raid is in an early, unpolished, state. Some of the mechanics and abilities are in early forms, but we want to begin to recieve feedback and bug reports on the encounters.

The Obsidian Sanctum is designed to be a quick experience, with the main boss being of Naxxramas difficulty. Loot should drop off the boss.

This is the feedback thread for the 10 player version of the raid.

Lead Encounter Designer

IncGamers Diablo III Interview

IncGamers’ Jeff Hollis was at PAX recently, and got the time to talk to Bashiok, who was unusually happy to share Diablo III information, including the far ahead planned Diablo 3 expansion, details about weapon drops and exclusive information on health/mana leach in the new game. IncGamers published Jeff’s article about it, and here is a snip:

He gave us an example, which he indicated isn’t commonly known: “We’re iterating a lot on the health orb system. The way it looks right now, orbs will just drop. It may end up a lot more like a ‘health up’ from a platformer, and not like the way it worked in Diablo II. You step into one, and you heal yourself.”
He also added that the health orbs may also aid people in your group, possibly according to need and range: “We’re also looking at a system where you step into it, and you’ll heal a party member.” He indicated that none of this, of course, is confirmed, and much testing and implementation has yet to be done.

Read the interview.

World of Warcraft: Ashbringer # 1 On Sale

As the Lich King’s plague of undeath ravages the human kingdom of Lordaeron, a mighty blade is forged from a dark orb. In the hands of Highlord Alexandros Mograine, the blade will become legend. In time, both blade and man will become… Ashbringer.

In anticipation of the upcoming World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Wildstorm and Blizzard Entertainment have created a four-issue miniseries chronicling the Ashbringer’s tale, written by Blizzard’s Micky Neilson and featuring art by Ludo Lullabi and Tony Washington. Check out the preview pages now—and if you like what you see, you can visit Wildstorm for more information, locate a nearby comic store, or subscribe to the ongoing series directly.

Wrath of the Lich King Content Patch on Live Realms

Wrath of the Lich King is approaching pretty fast. And the ripples heralding the new expansion are about to be
unleashed on your current World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade files with the release of a new content patch. Are you prepared?

Zarhym: The next major content patch is coming, and it’s big. In order to smooth the way, we will shortly enable background downloading of most of the data for this patch. People who use the Launcher and have background downloading enabled will automatically start getting the data. The Downloader downloads faster in general now, so you may want to adjust your background download settings. You can adjust these settings in the Laucher, by visiting the Options page. If you want the fastest possible download, check the “Don’t throttle background download”. However, note that this can affect the performance of other programs running at the same time.

Blizzard Starts Mobile Poll

Blizzard has launched a Survey Poll to determine fanbase mobile needs. There will be new polls in the future. For now simply answer what kind of mobile device you have: Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Phone, Other cell phone.  Go to the following WoW forum to answer the poll.

Bornakk: In the interest of providing the best possible mobile service for our players, we will be conducting a series of surveys over the next few weeks. We ask that you please take a moment to participate in the first of these surveys, by choosing the option that answers the question described below.

What type of phone do you own?

Starcraft 2 Beta Plans Undetermined

Starcraft 2 Beta doesn’t seem to be on the radar yet. As of WWI 2008 in Paris, a third of the single-player had been done. Crispy Gamer got a four=pages interview with Bob Colayco and Frank Pearce discussing several topics about Starcraft 2 including voice chat. Blizzard is looking closely at some Steam features.

Crispy Gamer: What about plans for an open beta for StarCraft II?

Pearce: A beta is very important from the perspective of getting feedback from the community and continuing that process of iteration. A beta is something that we’re very likely going to need to host. But we haven’t made any determination whether we’re going to have to host a closed beta or an open beta, or both yet.

TOKYOPOP: Warcraft Manga Store

Warcraft Manga  |  Starcraft Manga


Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy, book one: Dragon Hunt

Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy, book two: Shadows of Ice

Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy, book three: Ghostlands

Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy
Ultimate Edition

Compiles all 3 Manga and contains bonus backstory of Dath’Remar Sunstrider and UDE Wow TCG Card


Warcraft Legends Vol. 1
Tokyopop (Manga)

Warcraft Legends Vol. 2
Tokyopop (Manga)

Warcraft Legends Vol. 3

Warcraft Legends Vol. 4

Warcraft Legends Vol. 5


World of Warcraft: Dragons of Outland
(Tokyopop Manga – November 2009)

World of Warcraft: Death Knight
(Dec 01, 2009)

World of Warcraft: Mage
(June 7, 2010)

Warcraft Manga  |  Starcraft Manga

Starcraft 2: Nomad Renamed to Vulkan

The Starcraft 2 terran unit Nomad has now been renamed to Vulkan and its graphics revamped. The Protoss Archon’s graphics have also been updated. This reminds everyone nothing remains the same throughout development, and even through beta things may still change drastically. The same held true in the original Starcraft game where units were added and removed constantly prior to release.

Karune: Speaking of the Nomad, it has actually gotten it’s new art update, and a name update as well. It is now known as the Vulkan, and will be resigning down chaos at your expansions with its Auto Turrets.

On that same note, the Archon has also been updated visually with an amazing portrait animation that will surely command respect when ordering this guy around. Furthermore, say good bye to the ‘walking’ Archons as the ‘legs’ to the unit model have been removed. This unit now hovers around the battlefield decimating enemy forces like a true ominous being. Keep a look out for these two art updates in future screenshot releases smile This new Archon is also ‘leg-less’ and has updated art from any build or screenshot seen thus far is what I meant.

Source: Battle.net

Thanks, Handclaw

Blizzplanet Review: World of Warcraft Vol. 1 Hardcover

The World of Warcraft Vol. 1 Hardcover has been on sale for a while. It complies 8-chapters of the ongoing World of Warcraft comic book series including the BlizzCon 2007 exclusive Prologue issue and the first arc (issues# 1-7). DC Comics / Wildstorm shipped a review copy my way. I already have them as single issues. I subscribed on July 2007 and continue receiving the single issues. However, I wanted to see by myself the World of Warcraft Vol. 1 Hardcover.

For those wondering what it is, what’s inside and the materials it is made of, you can read my review. If you are into lore or wish to get started, I recommend this book to get you started with the ongoing comic book series that features the adventures of Varian Wrynn, King of Stormwind right after his kidnapping during the Missing Diplomat WoW quests, and his escape from Alcaz Island.

Starcraft 2 Q&A - Batch 44

Chat with Devs: Something I noticed during our recent shows at Games Convention in Leipzig and PAX in Seattle is that many new players trying out the game who played Zerg built several creep tumors, thinking they were either defenses or going to morph into defenses. This eventually lead into a conversation with Dustin about why Creep Tumors no longer morph into base defenses. For those who dont know, a Creep Tumor is a building which expands creep around it significantly. Building this building is an excellent way to cover additional ground with creep, allowing for many new strategies, including aggressive Spine Crawler pushes (the mobile Sunken Colony).

Dustin brought up two scenarios to why Creep Tumors no longer morph into other Zerg defenses:

1) You would be able to creep across the map by moving your creep-spawning base defenses.

2) It would be easier to accidentally end up with buildings off of creep because the creep-generator moved away.

Thus, since the development team definitely wanted to give Zerg mobile defenses, they decided to split the roles of the Creep Tumor and the other Zerg defenses. This also allows for the team to make these Creep Tumors burrowed and very cheap in the latest build.

As always, feel free to give the Devs and I a w00t if your enjoying these Q&As!

—-StarCraft II Q&A Batch 44—-

1) Is it possible for replays to contain more in depth player statistics such as average clicks per minute, number of hotkeys used, etc.. ? (starcraft2.com.au)

Replays will have much more info available in them that will include more detailed stat tracking, as well as other useful eSports related features.

2) Terrans currently appear to be at a disadvantage in terms of troop mobility, (as compared to ‘Warp-in’ and ‘Nydus Worm’) are there any plans to bring back the, ‘drop-pod’ or other new transport mechanic? (sclegacy.com)

Actually, the Terrans have many units and mechanics that empower them with more mobility than the original StarCraft. The Reaper and Viking is a good example of new units that extend the Terrans raiding capabilities. Furthermore, Medivac Dropships offer more incentive to build lots of Dropships, which translate to more mobility for their entire army. Salvage is also another mechanic that helps in terms of rebuilding and moving a Terran base to new locations. Lastly, the Terrans are still the only side that can pick up and move their whole entire base, as well as being able to load SCVs in their Command Center now, allowing for quicker fast expanding strategies.

3) With the new high ground mechanic in place, an army can’t fight units that are on higher ground anymore until they get a spotter up the ledge. Both Zerg and Terran have the possibility to spot units on high ground with Overlords and floating buildings right from the start of the game, but the first Protoss unit to fly up there would be the Phase Prism. Could it be that Protoss players have a significant disadvantage on some maps because of this?(GameReplays.org)

In the latest builds of StarCraft II, the Protoss no longer need an Observatory to build Observers. Observers will be able to be built straight from the Robotics Facility, allowing earlier eyes on the battlefield.

We definitely saw that especially on certain maps, Terrans were able to block their choke point early, taking away much of the scouting portion of the game from Protoss, and are trying out this new solution for it. Additionally, we felt that Observers were too a crucial to the Protoss army to have them that far up the tech tree.

4) Will the Unit Portraits in SC2 be pre-rendered high quality video clips like in SC1 ? willygundersen (Battle.net)

The unit portraits will be shown in much higher quality than the actual units on the screen, similar to the original StarCraft and Warcraft III. They will not be video clips, but will be animations rendered in game. There will be several examples of their unit portraits in the next BlizzCast, where we have Dustin and Sammy discussing the process of creating a unit.

5) We all know how important it is that tier 1 units be effective at later tiers, which has prompted different unit abilities like the Zealots Charge. But it seems that the Protoss have a leg up in that they have Charge while the Zerglings have only their traditional speed boost without any AI enhancements. Is anything being planned for the Zergling? (starcraft2forum.org)

Due to the new game engine, Zerglings have much better pathing in StarCraft II, meaning they move much more efficiently. Zerglings are able to both surround enemy units easier and are more easily selectable as well, being able to control more than 12 at a time. Furthermore, Zerglings are also slightly smaller than their original StarCraft counterparts, and able to be morphed into Banelings, which are extremely effective against Zealots. Lastly, Zealots have also had their shield hit points reduced by 10, as compared to the original StarCraft Zealots.

—-End of Transmission—-

Wrath of the Lich King Beta - Violet Hold Video

As usual, Blizzplanet brings you another dungeon video from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. This time Blizzard released the new dungeon found in Dalaran, the Violet Hold.  It is a prison for uncommon prisoners from beyond. You will find various prisoners there, but you can only fight two random prisoners each dungeon run.  The third boss Cyanigosa is the exception. The game dynamics of the Violet Hold are the same as in Black Morass dungeon. You must fight wave after wave, until the boss shows up.

Diablo 3 - No Access to Skovos Isle

Bashiok confirmed the piece of artwork shown in the latest media update is indeed Skovos Isle, but it won’t be a place we will visit in Diablo 3.  From the looks of it, probably the expansion? Skovos is the homeland of the Amazon class in Diablo II.

As we know, the only returning playable class is the Barbarian. However, Jay Wilson recently suggested some classes could return in the Diablo 3 expansion pack.

Bashiok: It is Skovos, and I think this piece was something that Leonard showed and discussed at the WWI Lore and Environment Art panel.

It isn’t a location that you’ll visit in Diablo III, but the artwork is a good example of the work and thought going in to fleshing out the world of Sanctuary. It’s already a very complex world with a lot of locations and events, but a lot of it still isn’t visually or contextually realized. As we want to create the feeling of a world outside of your immediate view it’s important to create or expand upon the locations and stories of that world.

As we’re working to create Diablo III we’re also working to create a more visually complete Sanctuary

Source: battle.net

Wrath of the Lich King - New Penguin Pet

The cuteness! Blizzard introduced a cute Penguin as non-combat pet. People who are playing beta just need to go to their mailbox.  It will be there for the taking. Just click the egg, and your character will gain a level up-animation flash. You can access your pet at the character window under pets tab. Drag the icon from there onto your UI bar. Below I took video of my Chilly penguin pet. Ain’t it, oh so cute?

I know many girls out there that will love one of these. And guys too.

Diablo 3 Outdoors Not Random Generated

A new tidbit about Diablo 3, that at least I hadn’t heard before … Diablo 3 outdoors (exteriors) are not random generated. Only dungeons are. That sounds great to an extent since everyone could memorize and know exactly where you are heading in the world of Sanctuary. Especially when you are with other friends and set a place to rendezvous at. Blizzard wants us to get acquainted with the different lands of Sanctuary.

Among the interview discussion came up that monster encounters are random generated such as Rare and Champions popping up here and there (or mini-bosses as Jay puts it).

Jay wants the outdoor world to be static in contrast with the random generated outdoors in Diablo II. This helps creating a better and unique look, adding objects, doodads, etc. that could be nigh impossible to place in a random generated landscape. More importantly, making a static world outdoor helps greatly the adventure system, and trigger-driven encounters.

Thus far, the interview didn’t shed much about Battle.net. Jay said he didn’t want to steal that thunder, which definetely means Battle.net 2.0 details will be unveiled at BlizzCon 2008 on October 10th. Diablo 3 in comparison with the other two franchises is the only game that could possibly be translated to Consoles, but currently Blizzard doesn’t have the manpower to focus on console porting Diablo 3. Hopefully some time in the future it could make it, but as of now it’s just not happening.

Crispy Gamer has a four-pages interview with Jay Wilson discussing the art style, random generation, Console port, and more.

Crispy Gamer: Are the dungeons still going to be randomly generated?

Wilson: Yes, we have a ton of random generation in the game. All the dungeons’ layouts are randomly generated. The exteriors are not. We have a new system of adventures that allows us to cut sections out of the terrain to put random—whatever—in there. We can put random terrain, we can put in scripted events—we wanted to add a lot more scripted events into the game.

Share your comments with other Diablo fans.

BlizzCon 2008 Online and Live Contest Submissions

We are now accepting entries for our BlizzCon online contests, including our Diorama, Motivational Poster, and Movie contests. Whether you have tickets to BlizzCon or not, your application is welcome.  Simply fill out the Submission form and be prepared to demonstrate your creative talents! For more contest information visit our BlizzCon Contests page.

For those BlizzCon attendees looking to show off graceful dance moves, fill the convention center halls with laughs, or come dressed as your favorite Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo characters, the Submission form for all applicants is now available! For more contest information visit our BlizzCon Contests page.

Blizzplanet : Win a World of Warcraft Stein Contest

Are you a Stein Collector? Then this contest is suitable for you. Blizzplanet is giving away two World of Warcraft Steins courtesy of 3 Point Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment. Only USA Residents may participate (sorry, not my decision). Here is what you should do to participate in this contest:

  • Take a photo of yourself and friends at a bar holding proudly a stein. It can be from your collection or one provided by the bar crew.
  • Specify if you wish the Alliance Stein or the Horde Stein.
  • Submit your World of Warcraft Character Name (for winner announcement purposes)
  • Submit your photo to the following email

This contest ends on November 11th, 2008 at 11:59pm EST/-5GMT.

Alliance right view

Alliance center view

Horde right view

Horde center view

Additional Info

Diablo 3 - GameBanshee Interviews Leonard Boyarsky

GameBanshee interviewed Leonard Boyarsky (Diablo 3 Lead World Designer). Here is a brief collection of highlights from the interview. He was formerly a developer for Fallout/Troika Games.  He is working on the story and RPG elements of Diablo 3. His main task is expanding the lore and world of the Diablo and that of Diablo 3. He works closely with Chris Metzen, Blizzard’s senior vice president of creative development. Diablo 3’s lead programmer, animator, and concept artist were former Blizzard North employees who work currently at the Irvine studios.

Something new in Diablo 3 which differs from Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 is that the quests won’t be driven as a monologue. The quest system is designed to be an interactive dialogue with the NPCs. This will allow each class to experience a different gameplay as each class is viewed by the NPCs differently, interacting with different dialogues. This in my opinion adds to the replayability value of the game for those players who love to create new characters of each class

You may read the two-pages interview at Game Banshee.

GB: What are your responsibilities on the Diablo III team? What do your day-to-day activities consist of?

Leonard: Officially, I am responsible for expanding the lore and world of the Diablo universe and helping to create the story for Diablo III. As far as my day-to-day work, I work on quests, write lore, work with the cinematics department to plan out our movies, make sure our RPG vision is being implemented—basically, I work on anything and everything design-related that doesn’t have to do with numbers or game balance.

Blizzard Entertainment® Soundtracks Now On iTunes

Blizzard Entertainment® Soundtracks Now On iTunes

IRVINE, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced that a wide selection of music from its popular games has been added to the iTunes store. Much of this music was originally available only in collector’s editions of the games, or at special events such as the company’s BlizzCon® gaming convention. Six Blizzard Entertainment® soundtrack albums are currently available:

  • StarCraft® Original Soundtrack
  • Diablo® II Original Soundtrack
  • Warcraft® III: Reign of Chaos® Original Soundtrack
  • World of Warcraft® Original Soundtrack
  • World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade® Original Soundtrack
  • World of Warcraft: Taverns of Azeroth Original Soundtrack

The albums have been placed on a new Blizzard Entertainment hub page within the iTunes store. This page also hosts content such as the BlizzCast™ podcast and trailers and gameplay footage from upcoming Blizzard Entertainment games, with more material to be added in the months ahead. In addition, the “Diablo III Overture” from the company’s recently announced action role-playing game, Diablo III, is available as a single and has been highlighted as a Discovery Download, making it free to download until Tuesday, September 9.

Players in the regions iTunes serves (North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan) can purchase the music at standard rates for each of those regions. For more information, please visit Blizzard Entertainment iTunes Store

Diablo 3 Lore Timeline Unveiled

Blizzard has released a timeline of the Diablo Universe which provides a chronological background for the history of Sanctuary for those who are geeky about lore.

Media galleries have also been updated with four new pieces of artwork and four new screenshots.

Share your comments with other Diablo Fans.

Thanks for the heads up, AlaskanFireDragon.


Led by Azmodan and Belial, many of the Hells’ lesser demons rise up against the Prime Evils in a rebellion that culminates in the Dark Exile. Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal are exiled to Sanctuary from the Burning Hells.

App. 1004

The archangel Tyrael gathers together mortal heroes to create the Horadrim. He bestows the Soulstones upon them and tasks them with tracking down and imprisoning the Prime Evils.


Mephisto is captured near the jungles of Kehjistan and imprisoned under a Zakarum temple in what will eventually become Kurast.


Baal is tracked to the desert near Lut Gholein. Tal Rasha, the leader of the Horadrim, sacrifices himself to capture Baal in a damaged Soulstone.


Diablo is finally captured by a group of Horadrim monks led by Jered Cain. The monks bury Diablo’s Soulstone near the river Talsande in Khanduras, and a Horadric monastery with a network of catacombs is built over the burial spot.


The town of Tristram is established around the Horadric monastery.

App. 1080

The Horadric monastery in Tristram is abandoned.

App. 1100

The Horadrim, with no quests left to undertake, fade into history and legend.


The eastern lord Leoric comes to Tristram, declares himself its king, and converts the old, long-unused Horadric monastery to a Zakarum cathedral. His advisor, Archbishop Lazarus, secretly releases Diablo from imprisonment.

King Leoric descends into madness as he valiantly struggles to resist Diablo’s possession.


Increasingly deranged, King Leoric begins imprisoning all who question his authority and executing them as traitors. He declares war on the kingdom of Westmarch.
Under Diablo’s influence, Archbishop Lazarus kidnaps King Leoric’s only son, Prince Albrecht. The terrified child is possessed by Diablo.
Lachdanan, captain of King Leoric’s army, returns from the disastrous war with Westmarch and is forced to kill Leoric. The fallen monarch curses Lachdanan and his followers with his dying breath. Not long afterward, Lachdanan and the king’s guards are attacked by Leoric, resurrected as the Skeleton King, as they attempt to bury him.
Archbishop Lazarus leads a group of villagers into the cathedral and abandons them to a bloodthirsty butcher demon. People begin fleeing Tristram in droves.

A lone hero arrives in Tristram and defeats the bloated, fetid butcher demon.
The hero kills Archbishop Lazarus and defeats the Skeleton King.
Diablo is defeated by the hero, who then tries to contain Diablo within himself. Despite the hero’s noble intentions, his valiant spirit quickly succumbs to Diablo’s corruption. He becomes the Dark Wanderer, leaving Tristram behind shortly before legions of foul demons attack and destroy the town and its inhabitants.


A group of heroes begins a quest to defeat Diablo and his brothers. The heroes defeat the demoness Andariel and journey east, following the Wanderer.

The demon lord Duriel is defeated within the tomb of Tal Rasha; it is discovered that Baal is already free from his Soulstone.
The Dark Wanderer completes his transformation into Diablo; Mephisto is destroyed beneath the jungles of Kurast by the band of heroes.
Diablo is defeated. His Soulstone is destroyed, along with Mephisto’s, upon the Hellforge.


Baal and his army march on Mount Arreat.

The heroes follow Baal to Mount Arreat for the final conflict between man and the last of the Prime Evils. Although the heroes defeat Baal, his demonic army continues to advance.
The angel Tyrael discovers that Baal has succeeded in corrupting the Worldstone housed within Mount Arreat. Realizing that the Worldstone cannot be restored, Tyrael reluctantly destroys it. The resulting explosion destroys Mount Arreat, ravages much of the countryside, and decimates Baal’s army.

Stratics New WotLK Beta Key Contest

Our fellow & collegues at Stratics have announced a new Wrath of the Lich King beta key contest (US Only) that ends on September 8th. Hop in and participate to increase your chances at beta.

Welcome to the WoW Stratics Golden Key Contest!

Now I’m going to keep this one pretty simple –

What you will win: 1 of 10 WotLK Beta keys. These keys get you into the beta IMMEDIATELY.

These keys ONLY work for the USA client (sorry Euros [Frown] )

How to win: On this thread each day I will post a link to a new thread. Post in the new thread once that day to win. At the end of the contest I will randomly choose 10 winners from all the threads combined. So if you post each day, your chances of winning are maximized.

When the contest ends: Monday night September 8, 2008. So we will have FIVE threads total for you to post in. Each thread will probably be posted around midnight CST.

Winners will be announced sometime Tuesday (probably evening).

Details can be found here. Good luck!

DIRECTV BlizzCon Package Availability

DIRECTV has just announced further details for their pay per view package of BlizzCon coverage, and that the special promotion offering it free with a new subscription is now open. New DIRECTV subscribers in the US who sign up for DIRECTV by September 30 through www.blizzard.directv.com or 800-728-9375 will receive the package for free, while existing DIRECTV customers will be able to order it for $39.95 beginning on September 28. For full details, check out the official announcement, or head over to the BlizzCon site.

Ten Ton Hammer - Diablo 3 Jay Wilson Interview

Jay Wilson talks more in-depth about the Witch Doctor, Loot, Gameplay, and more… watch the video interview.

Garret from Ten Ton Hammer informs the transcript to the interview is now available for those with slow internet connection or without plugins to watch the video. You can read the full transcript here

The Diablo series is among those touchstone gaming experiences that many of us RPG types grew up relishing. If to this day your MP3 collection isn’t complete without “Tristram” and other tracks from Matt Uelman’s masterful Diablo 2 score, we understand each other.So, when the opportunity to interview Diablo 3 Lead Designer Jay Wilson came up, we fell over ourselves rearranging our Leipzig GC schedule even though this isn’t Ten Ton Hammer’s standard MMORPG fare.

Learn how Blizzard hopes to capture the essence of Diablo & Diablo 2 and even take Diablo 3 beyond its predecessors in a variety of ways, not the least of which is an updated control scheme and an fast-paced approach to combat that can only be described as epic, even by Diablo terms. Get the skinny on the boss fights you saw in the D3 trailer, gather some hints on the changes in store for Blizzard’s multiplayer portal, Battle.net, and see much more in this ten minute video!

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